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That Pet Place
600 Jordan Lane #3
Huntsville, Al
(256) 536-1991

Page under construction, it will grow rapidly.

New Dog And Cat Products

The best news I can give you is that we have picked up some great new flea and tick products. We now carry FRONTLINE, and ADVANTAGE. You can get them over the counter without a vet visit. This is good news. The prices are competitive with local vet prices and it is the same product. We have a great dog toy display coming. It is an all rubber toy display. It will be great for those aggressive chewers. The toys should hold up great.

Freshwater Fish

We currently get fish in weekly. I have included a link to one of my suppliers. Browse it and if you see something we dont normally carry let us know. I can order it for you happily. African Cichlids are showing up pretty well again so get ready for some really nice fish. So far the large Frontosa's have really been nice. I am looking for nice orange leleupi and Calvis. Ill let you know soon.


Well we have our filters ordered, and things are starting to fall in place. I was hoping to be going by this time, but things are slower than expected.


March is the time to start thinking Ball Python Babies. We are currently looking at some and will be buying soon. Be patient im looking for the best. Baby Boa Constrictors have shown up and have looked and fed very well. Caimans are doing very well, and are coming in nice size. We have purchased a real nice savannah monitor. It is about 1yr. old and is in excellent shape. Very friendly, this is a very good lizard. Currently looking at buying about 20 adult to sub-adult leopard geckos. If you need breeders these would be great.

Small Animals

Guinea Pigs are here.(3-16-99) You better hurry they will go fast. Easter is almost here, we do not sell rabbits at this time of year. We are here to sell pets, not NOVELTY animals. After the holiday, we will again have them. Dwarf hamsters have been doing very well and are suprisingly nice.


Hedgehogs, Chinchillas, Sugargliders and a few others are kinda held up. The USDA may have changed some of the laws and untill they are clear we will not carry them.


If you are looking for a picture of a certain animal let us know. We are building a library of them. If you have a picture that you think we might be interested in, just email a list of what you have and we will get back with you.

Any questions or comments just email us.

My Favorite Web Sites

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