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The Pisces personality

Pisceans are extremely sensitive people, who are easily hurt by the smallest amount of criticism. They are not argumentative: instead of fighting back, they will retreat into themselves and become upset.
While most Pisceans will ultimately become successful in life, many have to undergo long periods when things don't quite work out according to plan. They can be very negative, even depressive, and it is extremely important for them to have strong relationships to help them through the difficult times.
They are spiritual people, who are very much in tune with their inner nature. They are extremely good at empathising with other people. Indeed, at times they can be too willing to see things from the other person's point of view - so they forget their own interests, and are influenced by the wrong people.
Advice to Pisces for attracting the right person.

It is particularly important for you to avoid falling in love with the wrong person. You fall in love quite quickly, and could easily be mislead by someone who misleads you.
Try to find someone who is positive and cheerful. You need someone that you can draw strength from: however, it is important to find the right balance within the relationship. This person will also need a lot of tact, since you are easily hurt by remarks that other people might take in their stride.


The Aries partner is likely to completely dominate the relationship: this may suit both partners. The Aries person is especially attracted to the Piscean's sensitivity, since this is a side to his own personality that he finds it difficult to express. However, he will have to try to be more sensitive himself, if he wants to stay close to Pisces.


This can be a very good combination. Pisces finds Taurus' stability very reassuring, while Taurus, on the other hand, responds well to Pisces' sensitivity. On a physical level this relationship also works well. It is important for Pisces not to become too much dominated by Taurus, however.


Although this will certainly be an attraction of opposites, it can work very well. Gemini is magnetically attracted to Pisces' sensitive nature, and Pisces may be equally impressed by Gemini's cool intellectualism. So long as they are able to communicate their needs to each other, this can be a good balance.
Each partner will appreciate the other's kindness and sensitivity: on an emotional level, this relationship should be very successful. Neither partner is very practical, however, and they may have a few problems with day-to-day issues which have not been properly addressed.


Although this is a combination of opposites, it can work surprisingly well. Leo will help to boost Pisces' confidence, and perhaps make him a little more practical. The Piscean, on the other hand, will open Leo up to the more sensitive side of his nature. Both partners must ensure that the relationship does not become imbalanced, however.


This combination should be emotionally satisfying for both partners. On a practical level there could be problems if the Piscean depends too much upon the Virgoan's better organisational skills. The physical side to this relationship is usually very good. Virgo will open up emotionally to the sensitive Piscean.


These two can make a very good match. They are both very easy to get on with, and will generally try hard to accommodate the other. Both partners are also very romantic and affectionate, although the Piscean may be a little emotionally demanding. So long as there is a reasonable balance between the two, they should do well together.


This has the potential to be a very successful and deep relationship. Both will understand the other's emotions - indeed, for a while, they may wallow in emotions! The key is to find a good balance, so that the Piscean does not feel dominated by Scorpio's excesses.


This can be a workable combination, although there are important differences between the two sides. The Sagittarian will be attracted to Pisces' romantic nature, but may be a little too brash for his sensitive disposition. He will also have to become more dependable than usual. Pisceans can be very insecure, and will need a lot of reassuring. The Piscean, on the other hand, must try not to be too clingy.


The balance between these two can provide a firm foundation for both their lives. The Capricornian partner will underpin the Piscean's emotional depth, and provide some much-needed stability. Pisces, on the other hand, will help Capricorn to open up emotionally and show his feelings. So long as each partner is able to appreciate the strengths of the other, they should both be very happy together. Aquarius

The Aquarian is likely to be intrigued by Pisces' emotional depth and sensitivity. The Piscean may need a less detached relationship than Aquarius can offer, however, and this could cause problems. Nevertheless, Pisceans are very good at empathising with their partners, and should at least be able to see things from the Aquarian's point of view.

Two Pisceans can create a robust relationship, despite the lack of balance in the partnership. There is likely to be a great deal of emotional intimacy between them, and each partner should be sympathetic and sensitive to the needs of the other. Any difficulties that do arise are likely to be practical or financial. At least one of the two Pisceans must be properly organised and able to deal with day-to-day events without getting in a muddle.

How do you attract a Pisces woman? (umm ew!)
Piscean women are full of mystery. They have a depth and allure that is difficult to pin down. Their intuitive grasp of the feelings of others and their strong powers of intuition make them extremely sensitive to the moods and feelings of the people around them. They are not easy to deceive.

While they are very easy-going, their extreme sensitivity means that they will often become upset over comments that would have no effect on other people. Instead of arguing, they become depressed, and may even burst into tears.

Pisceans fall in love more quickly than most other signs. While they appreciate a delicate approach, they warm up emotionally much more quickly than others. Despite this, their feelings are long-lasting, and they are loyal. They expect the same degree of loyalty from their partners, and soon become jealous if they suspect them to be unfaithful.

They particularly need a partner whom they can respect, and whom they can lean on for emotional support. This person should respect their intelligence and their judgement, but at the same time, be able to provide direction and support when they are down.

In marriage, the Piscean is easy-going. Pisceans need a firm home-base, and will put a lot of energy into making their home as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

How do you attract a Pisces man?

The Piscean man has a magnetic personality. Although he may not want a wild social life, he is very popular with other women. He likes to flirt, but when he is in a serious relationship he will remain completely faithful, and expect you to do the same. He will be straightforward about his feelings towards you.

It is extremely important to be completely honest with him, in return. His intuitive powers are very high, and he can easily see through any deception. He will not be impressed by a person who puts on airs and graces, or who dresses in expensive clothes.

In marriage, the Piscean man is usually more domineering than the Piscean woman. He needs to be in charge in the household, and will not expect to be able to lean on you emotionally. He is very affectionate, and needs a fair amount of attention to keep him happy.

How good are Pisces at making money?

Pisceans are motivated more by the need for financial security, than because they want to become rich. While some of them are very successful, most have had to put up with a string of disappointments before finally hitting upon the area that works.

The most successful Piscean businessmen are those who have gone into partnership with someone else. Pisceans have the intelligence to make good business decisions, but are not usually aggressive enough to push things through. Moreover, their negativity can turn them away from important opportunities.

Another pitfall which they should avoid is following suggestions from the wrong people. Pisceans are very susceptible to influence from others, and must be careful not to be mislead by advice which is not really in their best interests.

Piscean Traits

The Sun here will give a kind and loving nature, confiding, honest, amiable, sympathetic and especially kind to defenseless animals or people in distress. There is sometimes a sense of blessedness, or of being protected by the forces of nature, which either the native or those around him sense. Neat, particular and a lover of order and completeness; modest, often timid and lacking in self confidence. As a rule, Pisceans are industrious, methodical and logical in their processes; idealistic, imaginative, inspirational; often gifted with mediumistic faculty and usually fond of secret, occult or psychic investigation. The Pisces is retiring and humble. They are often drawn to music and poetry.

Under the sign that symbolizes sacrifice and compassion, you are a highly complex and impressionable individual with multi-faceted expressions and a series of false bottoms. Your complexity surpasses the mystical quality of the Scorpio or the air-like quality of the Aquarius. Like a well-cut diamond, there are infinite facets to you, each capable of reflecting a rainbow of colors. Just when others feel they have you figured out, you will confuse them with a whole new face. Like the Virgo, your opposite sign, you seem to be happiest when you are serving the humanity in some way. Once you find your direction in life, you are perhaps the most compassionate and humanitarian sign in the zodiac..

As the last sign of the zodiac, perhaps it is correct to suggest that you possess some of the best characteristics of all the signs, as well as some of the worst. You may be the least understood of all the signs. You can be a combination of a mystical Scorpio, a ghostly Aquarius, a versatile Gemini, and an angelic Virgo. You can be more sociable than a Libra, as deep and as vulnerable as a Cancer. These unfathomable qualities may account for the fact that some members of the other signs describe you unjustly as Spaz.

Like the Scorpio, you have a tendency to withdraw from circulation and brood once in a while. (And, like that sign, you can be very secretive or deceptive on occasions when truth could have served your purpose as well.) Most people do not understand the need in you to synthesize your experiences, so that you can regain your inner identity and redefine your direction in life. As long as you take the time to actually figure things out, the brooding may help you, but, too often, you do this self-indulgently (like a Leo) to daydream and to procrastinate.

You have a great deal of Cancer in you, for you too are an impressionable late-bloomer; your life-style too can be a series of ups and downs. Perhaps the characteristics of your Sun sign are so broad that you can intermingle and package those influences with those from your other planets. This enables a Pisces to come across as any sign in the zodiac. Others suggest a duality of characters in the Pisces sign. But your individuality is richer than that. Some of you can be the most extrovert of extroverts, others as introvert as an Eagle Scorpio..

For the extrovert types, your friends may be the most important part of your life until you settle down. You do not just socialize with them. There is always an element of utter sincerity, congeniality and harmony in the way you relate to them. You are some of the best friends in the zodiac, and you make an effort to maintain your friendships for life. But here too you need to be careful not to dilute your devotion. Being as compassionate as only you can be, you can be taken advantage of by others. One of the beautiful Piscean characteristics can also be the most hurtful: You can be overly trusting..

The unfathomable qualities of your sign sometimes make it difficult for you to decide on a path on which to progress. Like the Aquarius, you do not like oppression in any form. Sometimes when you feel confined, you attempt to escape the restrictions by jumping on a different course. Soon you find yourself constrained once again. You can be an eternal escapist. Since you are very imaginative and artistically inclined, you can search in the world of fantasy and imagination, but you should also recognize your inclinations for drugs, alcohol, and sensual pleasures. It is important that your parents understand your potentials early in life and guide your energies in constructive channels. You are not the most disciplined type. You need to be guided and indulged a great deal in order to bloom. You can be such an inspiration to others, especially children..

Mentally you are as nebulous as planet Neptune with which your sign is associated. (This too contributes to the flaky reputation.) In the world of fantasy, imagination, intuition, and the abstract, no one (with the exception of Cancer) is your equal. Your mind is not supposed to be logical. It is better in conceptualization of thoughts and ideas. (Difficult to apply this distinction to the famous Pisces, Dr. Einstein.) You have a way of feeling your way to decisions. In this you are very much like the Cancer, for you too are assisted by all sorts of vibes and intuitive reasoning which have a way of turning out to be correct. You can be a practical person who can maneuver his/her way to the desired end. In this you are not shrewd like the Scorpio or Capricorn. You do not go through grand schemes or grand designs. You (simply) seem to be able to demonstrate common sense when you have to. This is amazing, for you are not supposed to have common sense..

In love, you, Pisces woman, can be the best. Actually, this is not surprising, for a Pisces not in love is (like a Libra) a fish out of water. When you do fall in love, it is all out. Never mind the last experience that did not work out, you start all over. Some say that you do not easily learn from past mistakes. You do. What these people do not understand is that, to you, learning from past mistakes is a way of hardening towards love..

Love is too important to you to approach it with cynicism. Even though you are very vulnerable and sensitive, you knowingly give your full trust to your companion. If your partner does not take it for granted and responds in kind, you can be the most wonderful of companions, and you can be very forgiving in everyday matters. Like the Libra, you idolize your partner, but as dependent as you can become, you will find the determination to disconnect if your partner shows that he/she is not worthy of your trust and love. You can be unforgiving too if your feelings are hurt..

Your way, Pisces woman, of disconnecting from your companion is the antithesis of the crudely punishing ways of the Scorpio. You begin a process of very gradual but unmistakable and irreversible withdrawal. It is as if you are performing neuro-surgery. Since you do give yourself totally to your relationship, all those bonds connecting you to your partner are released one-by-one (not with a hammer and chisel, but as if dissolved), each cut providing you with a new facet or a new identity. In time, when the process is over, you disconnect leaving behind a haunted soul. Your partner should think twice before hurting your feelings. If you were a good match, he will find it very difficult, if ever, to forget you....

Love and sexual expression, to you, are inseparable. Although this applies to some other signs as well (eg., Taurus, Leo, Libra), in your case they are the same. Like the Cancer, you are incurably romantic, sensuous, and very affectionate in your expression of love. You have a curious ability to blend your individuality and personality to that of your companion, almost becoming an extension of him. Some may attribute this to a weak character. It is not. Your individuality is so adaptable that you can harmonize your being to achieve an optimum level of sharing. You approach love as oneness of body, soul and spirit; perfect congeniality and communication..

There is a melting quality to you that perhaps only a Cancer, Leo or Libra can match. Although you can be one of the most promiscuous signs, you are also one of the most loyal when you settle down with a mate. You are possessive and jealous, but you do not encourage fidelity by demanding it. You simply blend to your companion so nicely that it is ridiculous for your companion to even consider infidelity. Lucky the child who has you for a mother or father. Depending on how you utilize the energies, you can be self-sacrificing or selfish, inspirational or lost, imaginative or fantasizing, resourceful or manipulative, together or scattered. Develop your potentials wisely..

------------------------------------------------------------------------ The sign of Pisces rules the feet and toes, and the mucous membranes. Pisceans are noted for their graceful, well-shaped feet, and many become excellent dancers. Your sense of taste and smell are exceptionally acute. Pisces Natives tend to have a delicate constitution that do not easily fight off disease. They are vulnerable to colds, sinus trouble, and water retention in the body. Pisceans have sensitive, emotional personalities, and illness can frequently emotionally based.

Your feet tend to be a source of trouble, by making it difficult to do work that requires long hours of standing. You may suffer from corns and bunions. Ill fitting shoes are particularly troublesome, for many Pisceans cannot seem to find shoes that will properly fit their sensitive feet. They usually kick off their shoes at the first opportunity and walk in slippers or barefooted.

Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces, acts on the general nervous system and specifically on the thalamus. The thalamus is the part of the brain that transmits stimuli to and from the sensory organs. You are attracted to glamorous lifestyle, which often includes overindulging in eating and drinking and keeping late hours. The key to your good health is to establish moderate habits. With a minimum of care, a well-balanced diet, moderate exercise, rest you can feel younger than they are and keep their good looks well into old age.

Pisces' cell salt is ferrum phosphate, which is iron. Iron is needed to manufacture hemoglobin in the bloodstream. Hemoglobin is the essential element in the red blood cell, and is responsible for the transport of oxygen from the lungs to other body cells. Lack of iron in the system can lead to anemia, low blood pressure, inflammations, glandular problems, and heart irregularities.

Foods that are rich in iron that you should include in your diet are liver, lean beef, lamb, egg yolks, oysters, kidneys, whole-grain cereals, barley, dried beans, beet tops, spinach, onions, lettuce, raisins, dates, prunes, apricots, peaches, grapes, apples, lemons, oranges. Pisceans function best with a high protein diet that is low in fat and sugar. Lean broiled meat, chicken and fish, natural cheeses, yogurt, and nuts are excellent sources of protein. You should cut down on table salt, for that makes bloat. Coffee can overstimulate Pisces natives and should be cut down to a bare minimum.

Pisceans are particularly susceptible to the effects of alcohol, which will age a native of this sign quicker than that of any other in the zodiac.