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Welcome to Sandy's compleat video trade page.

Welcome to yet another page devoted to the greatest singer ever. "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC!!! (Like we needed another one right?) This is basically a place I've set up to pay homage to my ALl-time favorite singer. ALso, it's a trade page. Contact me if you have ANYTHING Al I don't have. (I love to trade!) Since almost every aspect of Al's life is already on the web you probably won't find anything you don't already know, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Be sure to visit my links and if you'd like to be a link on my page e-mail me. Also if I have you down as a link and you'd rather not be one, contact me and I'll take it off.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TRADE LIST!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (in alphabetical order) "Johnny Dangerously" (Has "This is the life")
"UHF" the comedy central version
Al at Gameworks premiere
Al on the Mtv countdown(really really long)
All of his videos
Almost all of the "weird Al" show so far
AlMusic 1(Off the Deep End)
AlMusic 2(Alapalooza)
AlMusic 3(Bad Hair Day)
Altv 7(Bad Hair Day)
Amazing Stories
Amazing stories
American Music Awards 1996
American Music Awards 1997
American Music Awards 1998
Bill board awards in 1996
Bootleg concert "Bad hair" tour(Seymour, WI)
Channel 6 news coverage
Circus of the stars
CNN news in 1989 for "UHF"
Comic relief
Comic strip live
Cutting edge Chicago
Dr. Demento's 20th ann.
Entertainment tonight (promoting "Amish Paradise" video)
Family Double Dare
Good day New York
Guide to the Grammies
Hawiian Tropic
Hollywood squares 1-5
House of Style
Howard Stern appearance
Just for laughs
Just say Julie
Kevin Kline time
Liberean Girl video
Lifes most embarassing moments
Living and Working in space
Mardi Party
Musique Plus
New years makeover
New years rockin eve(Sang "Amish Paradise" and "Gump")
P.M. magazine
Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Pat Sajak show
Politically Incorrect
Regis and Kathie Lee (promoting "Bad hair day")
Regis and Kathie Lee (Promoting "Weird Al" show)
Regis and Kathie Lee in 1996(Sings "Since You’ve Been Gone")
Remote Control
Road reports
Space Ghost
The making of Jurassic park (entertainment tonight)
The making of UHF (Entertainment Tonight)
The spud Goodman show
The tonite show (promoting Dare to be stupid
Theres no going home(Disney Special)
Tom Snyder
VH1 to 1
Wail video
Weirdstock 96
WGN morning news
Wheel of fortune 1 and 2
Wild Wild Web
Winans real meaning of Christmas

Disclaimer type of thing: Also, before I trade with anyone you must know that quality varies from perfect to bad. Ask about it before you trade if you are really picky.
NEW! I just got copies of both of the Big boy mags Al is in. Get em' while I got em'!
I'm ALWAYS looking for footage I don't have, so don't hesitate to ask. Also, if you have ANY 80's footage, I would LOVE to get my hands on it. thanks. :)
Thats about it though I do have some rare audios
and other things I also trade.
If you have some footage of something concert related and would like to trade I just got something new in. I did however promise the person who gave it to me that I wouldn't mention it by name here. I will say that it is concert footage, and that the quality is pretty good, up until the last three songs. So, if you have something I don't just let me know and we'll work out a deal :)

~~~~~~~~~~LATEST NEWS!!!~~~~~~~~~~~
Well, this news hasn't been "latest" in a very, VERY long time. I sat down this evening, and thought, "what the hey, I might as well update". Well, June 29th marked the release of Al's 10th studio album, Running with scissors. The album is brilliant, of course. As if any of you would ever doubt. :) The inevitable tour followed, appropriately titled, "touring with scissors". I was lucky enough to attend the August 8th concert at hershey park, and through the kindness of Steve Shilling, obtain backstage passes. THANKS STEVE!!!
While SOME brainless hicks deny Al's talent, (see "king of the hill", below) the video music channel VH-1 seems to have finally come around to the weirder side of things. Airing not one, not two, but THREE Al specials is a feat many of us Alheads thought we wouldn't live to see. They gave him a behind the music segment, a timeline, and also a video history. All the specials were great, and if you didn't watch them, YOU SUCK!!! GO GET THEM NOW!! Sorry, I really should take my medication more often.....
In other news,I've decided to try to keep tabs on people who diss Al. A few months ago Al was mercilessly mocked on the popular show "King Of the Hill". To quote a few lines, "Don't be stupid son! "Weird Al" Yankovic blew his brains out in the late 80's when people stopped buying his albums."-Hank Hill
Oh No! I'm going to die friendless and alone like "Weird Al" Yanovic!-Bobby Hill The last name was slightly changed as they said it as "Yankovich". Also in a funnier one I saw on David Letterman they had the top ten rejected names for El Nino. Number six was "Weird El" Ninovic.:)
Anyone see Jay Leno a couple of months ago? If you did you would have seen once again the evidence that Al gets no respect. French Stewart ("Harry" from "Third rock from the sun") told a story from when he was first starting out and it happened to mention Al. He had been doing this play for about 4 months and everyone was sick of it so there wasn't very much enthusiasm. Only 4 people showed up for their last performance. Of course two of those people were Al and his date. Well after the intermission there was only two left. Al and his date. Apparently he was so close to him that he could hear what they were saying. This is when Al leaned to his date and said "This is the worst performance I've ever seen". After telling this little story French went on to insult Al by saying something along the lines of "If you can't get approval from "Weird Al" you must be pretty bad". (I don't think this is anywhere near what he said but its the basic idea). Sorry French, he has weird taste, not bad taste.
Hey the new nurse on ER is Gedde Wattanabe (Kuni from UHF). Also, apparently he was in the episode of Seinfeld when Kramer met the Chinese tourists.
Thanks for coming and check out my links on the way out,
Sandy Butler
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