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Ed Sunday is Vice President of Maintenance for Captial/Colonial Trailways

M.W. Phillips is the past President of Captial/Colonial Trailways.

Frank Montgomery is the owner of Captial & Colonial Trailways

. Do you need a bus for the Movies?

This Bus from the 60's has been in a number of movies, among them Shawshank Redemption, Hudsuckker Proxy, BBC's Promised Land, Blessed Assurance, etc.

Scenes From Shawshank Redemption

Morgan Freeman Buys His Ticket

On The Road

A Free Man's Dreams

Free At Last

Dressed in Trailways’ cream and crimson colors, CSS-476 is the baby of the Capital Trailways fleet. Manufactured by General Motors Truck and Coach Division at Pontiac, Michigan, “476” was delivered to Carolina Scenic Stages (a part of the Trailways system) on August 23, 1960. Almost 30 years later, the bus was discovered parked in the grass and out of service. Blue Ridge Trailways repurchased the bus and “476” began to regain her former luster under the loving hands of Blue Ridge employees. Many donated their time and talents in her restoration. Early in 2000, “476” took up residence in another proud Trailways fleet at Capital Trailways in Montgomery, Alabama. She continued to undergo extensive mechanical restoration and is now ready to continue her contributions to the Trailways system.

This model, called a PD-4104, was manufactured by GM between 1953 and 1960. Over 5,000 were built, and Trailways carriers purchased and operated about 25% of them. Styled after the streamlined railroad cars of the era, these silver Trailways “Thru-Liners” caught the public’s attention and ushered in a new era in long distance travel. The 4104 was the first production GM bus to offer as standard features, air conditioning, large tinted picture windows, air ride suspension (replacing conventional springs), an improved ventilation and heating system, and large underfloor luggage compartments. Of course, options were available like power steering, spotlight, AM radio and PA system, and, in 1957, a lavatory place at the right rear of the coach.

When delivered ”476” operated between Charleston, South Carolina and Chicago, Illinois. Later, it operated between Charleston and Cleveland, Ohio. It ran into the early 1970’s before being sold to a smaller bus company. In its present role, “476” does promotional duties for Capital Trailways and, being fully operational, it also serves as a spare coach.


Manufactured by: General Motors Truck & Coach Division

660 South Boulevard, East

Pontiac, Michigan

Year, Model & VIN 1960, PD-4104, vin PD-4104-4989

Specifics: 38 Passengers – American Seating

Air Conditioned

Length – 35 feet, Width – 8 feet

Weight – 20,900 pounds

Engine – GM 671 Diesel (in line 6-cyl)

Air Suspension

Lavatory Equipped

CONTACT: Shannon Rhodes


Bus can be seen at:

Capital Trailways

520 North Court Street

Montgomery, AL 36104


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