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This device produces VERY HIGH VOLTAGES! An accidental discharge could be seriously dangerious or even cause DEATH. This project is not intended for beginners. Only those persons with sutiable expirence should attempt to assemble this device!

First you need an old flash lamp -i got mine from an old photo camera it's the same as on the picture. Open the device. You'll see there the batteries, a big black cilynder-the capacitor, the flash lamp(a few cm. long glas tube with 3 wires conected to it)and a small board with all elements on it.There is also a small lamp which will glow after the capacitor is charged-indicates that the "flash is ready"

1. disconect the flash lamp from all 3 wires there are two wires (the black one and the red one on the picture) conected to the board,then to the capacitor and to the flash lamp and the 3th one conected to the board and to flash lamp.cut the 3th wire , you wouldn't need it

2. when this is done,attach 2 long wires to the black and the red wire )you should also attach a button/switch paralel to 1 of them as seen on the picture .Remember this is a HIGH voltage capacitor-somethig around 350V.Be sure the capacitor is discharged while doing all this procedure-use a voltmeter to check it,also wear some rubber gloves.I used mom's kichen gloves :-) The igniter: almost everithing will work for this -a low watt resistor,a thin steel wire,or tungsten wire (from light bulbs).My flash powder will ignite by passing such a big voltage thru it(due to the aluminium powder in it).My favorite are the resisors-they are cheap and just have to be coated them with some black powder/dextrine paste. IGNITION: if everything is done well you should test the device.First conect an electro igniter to both wires.turn the device ON.The capacitor will start to charge and after few seconds the small lamp ("flash ready")will glow.Push the button.the igniter should ignite with a POP! Hope you got what i mean :)

**I would like to give a HUGE thank you to "Dexter" for writing this up and drawing the picture for me. Again thanks!