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All fireworks need some sort of delay between the time you light it and the time it ignites. There are many different methods of fuses ranging from green Visco to Ematches. Because of the importance of relibility a good fuse is esential. Every one has his or her own favorite ignition method rangeing from device to device but here is one of the simpleist; Black mach. Black match rages from super-reliable to not so reliable. It is very important that you get you fuse working reliabley before you use it in any device. This page is just a starting point for your fusemaking. Expirmenting and testing is needed to get the most from your fuse. There are many other methods for making blackmatch and these are worth looking into.


Get all of your materials. This includes 100% cotton string, NC Lacquer, and fine blackpowder(I just milled down 3Fg). A screen or sifter is also needed as is a piece of newspaper.

Step Two:

Dip your string into the NC laquor. Pull the string out and let dry. This should only take about 20 minutes.


When the string is dry, put it back into the NC laquor. Pull it out and lay it down on the newspaper. Quicly pour some black powder into your screen. Then spread the blackpowder evenly on the string. Turn the string and repeat until the string is 100% evenly covered.

Now hang your blackmatch up somewhere to dry. I let mine dry over night. Now please, I beg of you, don't go useing this piece of blackmatch to light your new fountian or what ever light the fuse alone and time it. Note the burn rate. Was it steady? Was it jumpy? You must have a steady burn rate for good fuse. If your blackmatch is too fast try adding a few percents of charcoal to slow it down.