Noel is dead?!?
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Noel is dead?!?

Well it was bound to happen...

After recieving my copy of oasis new cd, i was shocked and dismayed to find out that Noel Gallagher was dead. As i looked around at all the pictures in the cover it seemed obviuos that Noel has since departed the earth. As some of you may already know, Paul McCartney was rumoured to have died in 1969 in a car wreck when he 'didnt notice that the lights had changed'. I have reason to believe Noel died in a car wreck when he, drunk late one night(around midnight) drove his BMW into his pool! Even though the car didnt sink all the way in, Noel was too drunk to know how to open his door and he sufficated for lack of an air passage. Oasis gives us many clues to when and where and even WHY it happened in thier music.
The Definetly Maybe CD.......

1)In the song Supersonic, Liam sings about ,can i ride with you in your BMW?, you can sail with me in my yellow submarine' Well, Liam, bieng the brother of Noel, foretold Noel was gonna die in his BMW, so he wanted to be with his brother when Noel died(even though they hate each other, they still have a family connection.)

2) When you play the last line in the song 'Slide Away',you can hear Bonehead mumble 'Noel is gonna die you stupid blokes,miss him, miss him, miss him!' he either says that, or something about a red pig, its sorta hard to make out.

3)on the cover of the CD, Noel is sitting on the couch sort of paying attention to the TV, which is showing the Eastwood movie ' The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly'.Since people die in that movie, Noel is telling us he will die.
The Morning Glory CD
1)In the song 'Cast No Shadow', Noel writes about casting no shadow. Its hard to cast a shadow when your underground....think about it!

2)In the song 'Hey Now!', Noel is yelling at people for steping on his grave.(if he can tell the future enough to know he is gonna die, then he also knows who'll walk on his grave!)

3)On the cover of the 'Morning Glory' CD, a man is walking away from the camra, even though the man does not even resemble Noel, it is symbolizing the Noels oncomeing death.

4)When you play the first line of 'Champagne Supernova' backwards at half the speed of light its Liam saying 'i Buried Noel'!(it might sound more like '?egnahc elpeop laiceps ynam woH')
This is the big one, the 'Be Here Now' CD

1)The Cover-The Rolls Roce in the pool......

2)Notice that the picture on the CD is of a clock. The Oasis logo appears where the nine should be, also the title song,'Be Here Now' is song number 9 . This is to tell us when the last time Noel was seen before he died.

3)'Magic Pie' is a term that means 'he is dead,stupid' in Eskimo.

4)In the song 'All Around the World' Liam sings 'its a bit late in the midnight hour for me'. Thats when Noel died.

5)On the Cover theres a picture of a sign that says 'August 26, thats the day Noel died.

dont take this seriously! its all untrue! its written to kill time, entertain, and make fun of the paul is dead rumours! cheers!