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On February
26,1999 at 2:55 (cdt) Cody Lemberg left this world and entered the
Rainbow Bridge to be with the brother Boo Boo
Kitty to whom he has never met,. Cody suffered from a disease call Psittacosis

I must tell you this. Last night while waiting to put Cody in the in incubator...
I kissed him. He returned the kiss on my lips..
I felt his tongue on my lip. I know now that he said good bye to me. I was disinfecting
and cleaning everything for Cody's return. I called the vet, a great, great
man. And he told me personally rather then let someone else do it.
he said Cody had passed away 5 minutes before I called and that he
had a seizure. Cody started to flap his wings and fell over. I did not think it was going to
be an urn he would return in. I am full of sadness and great loss
for a baby I only knew for 2 1/2 weeks.  Some say the stress from movie to my home
from the pet store made his condition progress so rapidly. I say the previous should have
had him tested regularly

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