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My Blue Fronted Amazon

was 5 months old when I got him in March  16, 1999.
Coboo is named after
Cody, My BFA that died of Psittacosis On February 26th, 1999.
And Boo Boo Kitty Who died on August 24th 1998.
So, to me,Coboo is part of them both.

before you buy an amazon please read this

So, You have decided to buy an Amazon
& do the homework first

By Andrea L


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I have some sounds from Coboo....From his first two months with me
Blowing kisses! / just chattering away!
Good Boy!/ Coboo's Flock Call! /
/Sounds like he is saying Ouch!

Coboo is now 2 1/2 Will be 3 October 16, and says alot of things.
When I get him to speak into my recorder
I will post the new things for you to hear okay
But When I have it going Boo manages to hush up.
. as if he knows he is on and has stage fright LOL

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Amazons are great, fun loving critters.
I have found that Coboo has brightened my days and has given me joy

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forward you to someone that can.


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