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Here are the photos for our Red Deer Tournament:

One of the up and coming Players Adam Connelly:

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The end of the first day a couple of brews to end a Great day  of Paintball.

From Left to Right

Vern Clifford, Adam Connelly, Andrew Chernick, Shaun Canaday, Rob Timme, Mike Husli:

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Before the first game of the day while everyone is still clean!!

From Left to Right

Andrew Chernick, Adam Connelly, Mike Husli, Vern Clifford, Rob Timme, Shaun Canaday:

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Pre Game Stratagy Discussion.

From Left to Right

Rob Timme, Shaun Canaday, Adam Connolly, Mike Husli & Mystery Player from another team:

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Last game of the Tournament

Vern Clifford (Captain) & Andrew Chernick:

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