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Dianne, I loved you from the beginning.... and there will be no end.. you are in my heart and soul forever

This picture was taken Dec 24 1998

In Loving Memory of my wife Dianne May 3 1954 - May 25th 1999

Heaven is a much better place now

To Dianne:

Yesterday I had a dream about dying, About laying to rest and then flying. How the moment at hand, is the only thing we really own.

And I lay in my bed, and I wonder..... after all has been said and is done for...... Why is it thus we are here and so soon we are gone?

And if so, then I sing for you Dianne. And in truth you must know. I would rather you be here by my side.

We could fly on the wings of a dream. To a place where the spirit could find us. And the joy of surrender would bind us. We are "one" anyway.....anyway we are more than we seem.

There are those who would lead us, protect us each step of the way. From the beginning to end, for each moment forever each day. Such a gift has been given, it can never be taken away.

Though the body in passing must leave us. There is one who remains to receive us. There are those in this life who are friends from our heavenly home.

and as I lay in my bed and I wonder. After all has been said and is done for. Why is it thus we are here and so soon we are gone?

I'll always love you Dianne

David,Kevin,Melanie,April and Dianne

Dianne, We now have 3 Grandkids!

Ethan's first game Aug 28 2010

Emma's first game Aug 28 2010

I wish April was also in the photo

We have a new grand daughter! Her name is Gracie. Wow, we have 3 grandkids now. I wish you were here, but I know you can see them from where you are. I know it has been over 13 years since God took you to heaven... I love you as much as ever and I miss you more than ever too. Say hello to my Mom and Dad and Brother for me, I know ya'll are having fun. April is doing okay. My thoughts are with you forever.



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