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Welcome to the Game Central SouthPark 64 Page!

Since 1998 or so after SouthPark came out, it's popularity just grew and grew(But not good enough to be put on earlier in the night instead of 12:00). As the popularity grew even more, web sites bearing this topic flourished, and merchandise sold on the spot. There is SouthPark T-shirts to dolls now. And with this wave of SouthPark sweeping arcoss the land, the only thing missing was a game. So obvously a game came out for Nintendo 64.

Now I'm not saying this is a bad game or nothin, but it aint great. It has the 'Doom' veiw, and you can be one of the four characters(Kenny, Stan, Cartman, and Kyle). You go around and throw or shoot stuff at stuff. For example, in the first level you go around and kill the killer turkeys. There are many guns and weapons witch vary from snowballs to a cow-gun(shoots a cow). Now the stuff in the game I just listed is good. The only really down part of the game is the length of it and it tends to get BORING. All the levels are designed very poorly and are all simalar. I can almost guarantee that you will get bored after the first level. But for an up-side to the game, it has greeat sounds and good graphics. Also, its very original(you can even go to 'Chef's shack -o- Love'). And that's good.

Now probably the very best part of this game I think, involves at least 2 controllers and two people. That's right, the Multiplayer. You can play varous levels with Tons of guns! You can even go around throwing Terrance and Philip dolls that let out stench! But that aint all, you can be pretty much any character in the show you want! You can play as Officer Bar Brady to Ike, Kyle's brother.(you can even play as Starvin' Marvin). And personally, I think that's great. I love to play against my friends and whoop their asses.(Hahaha). But, even with the great multiplayer, the game is still boring and not worth bying. I suggest you try to rent it or borrow it, and you will get enough entertainment from that.

Now for all you lurkers and cheaters, you know I cant let you down. So here are the cheats.


Master Cheat:
Enter BOBBYBIRD at the cheat menu to activate all cheats.
All Weapons:
Enter FATKNACKER at the cheat menu.
Unlimited Ammo:
Enter FATTERKNACKER at the cheat menu.
Enter the password ASSMAN at the cheat menu.
All characters in multi-player :
Enter OMGTKKYB at the cheat menu.
Level Select:
Enter the password THEEARTHMOVED at the cheat menu.
Skinny Mode:
Enter the password VEGGIEHEAVEN at the cheat menu.
Pen and Ink Mode:
Enter the password PLANEARIUM at the cheat menu.
View Credits:
Enter SCREWYOUGUYS at the cheat menu.
Big Head Mode:
Enter the password MEGGANOGGIN at the cheat menu.
Bonus Characters:
Enter each code in the cheat menu...

cheatingisbad 	- Mr. Mackey
elvislives 	- Officer Bar Brady 
outrage 	- Big Gay Al 
hawking 	- Ned 
slapupmeal 	- Starvin Marvin
phaert 		- Phillip 
raft		- Terrance 
dorothysfriend 	- Mr. Garrison 
lovemachine 	- Chef 
checkataco 	- Wendy 
fishnchips 	- Pip 
kickme 		- Baby Ike 
allwoman 	- Mrs. Cartman 
goodscience 	- Mephisto 
staringfrog 	- Jimbo 
majestic 	- Alien dude

Thanks for coming to the Game Central South Park 64 page!