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Desperado Da Duece of the Seven Souls of Solidarity

J.Richard Benderson


Brother J.Richard Benderson

Desperado Da Duece of the Seven Souls of Solidarity's Profile

  1. My hometown is Demopolis, Alabama, I'm now located in Huntsville, AL
  2. I'm a senior at Alabama A&M University. My major is Sociology/Crim.Jus.
  3. My birthday is January 25, 1975
  4. My hobbies include photography,computers,road trips,making videos, and sleeping.
  5. You can E-Mail me at

John Alberty (G-PHI), David Keith (NM) and I making our mark on Tallahasee, Fl...

Soaking it all in with spr97 "Dean of Intake" Willie Camble...

Richard(m) pause for the occasion with the Bros from House of Madness, Eta Mu...

FAMU is the place to be, can't you see...

My most frequent stops!!!

The University of West Alabama
Alabama A&M University
Adult TV (Dexter is the $#!*)