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Clan Cargill/Cargile


National Convention

July 13, 2001

Jefferson, Texas

The Clan Cargill/Cargile national convention will be held at the American Legion Hall in historic Jefferson, TX July 13, 2001. The city of Jefferson is steaming with history as the downtown area remains as it was built in 1844.

You will be receiving a packet of information from the Marion County Chamber of Commerce. They will provide you with all the information you need to make reservations if you plan to stay overnight. There are over 63 Bed & Breakfast inns in Jefferson.

For some members this will be a great chance to see where some of the Cargile clan migrated. Just a few miles from Jefferson is Mt. Pleasant, TX, and many of the Cargile’s settled there before and after the War Between the States. A visit to Mt. Pleasant can be arranged. Many Cargile’s are buried there.

In addition to the Cargill/Cargile Convention, the Society of Southern Scots will also be holding its convention in conjunction with ours. As I am the founder of both, I only thought it appropriate.

We have a number of Cargill/Cargile members living in Texas or surrounding states that have never attended our Reunions. There are also others who live in Texas or surrounding states that do not know about our Association. Plans are to contact non-members and invite them.

Begin making plans today. Cost will be $20.00 per person to attend the convention. This includes a catered lunch the first day. Everyone will be on their own the second day.

We will take another look at the Cargill/Cargile family histories, and be available to answer any questions about your particular family lineage. We continue to update our family tree daily.

In addition, we will conduct a silent auction. Those who have something to auction off can bring anything that someone else might be interested in. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Association to help keep it alive and strong.





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