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Are you interested in finding out more about your family history? Do you know your ancestors from three, four generations back or more? Would you like to talk to others with the same surname or variations thereof that might be looking for the same information as you?

Then you can join with thousands of Cargill's/Cargile's by subscribing to this newsletter for $20 per year to cover expense for printing, postage, and maintenance of the web site. You will be able to chat with others, find help in your research with a professional genealogist on board. The newsletter will be published quarterly (four times a year). It will have a Letters to the Editor, in-depth articles about these families, and you will be participating along with us.

I have done extensive research on the Cargill/Cargile surname. I am a professional writer by trade. I was a contributor to the book, "Cargill/Cargill/Cargal of the South and Southwest," compiled by Florence B. Myers, San Antonio, TX, copyrighted 1997. I have written numerous historical articles for The Highlander, now the Scottish Journal. I am also vice-president/editor of the Clan Drummond Society of North America. (See link). You can also find me at familtreemaker (link)

Plans are also underway to hold a Family Reunion some time before the year 2,000. Date and location are being discussed amongst several people. Many people with our surname live in Alabama, Texas, California, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida, Oklahoma, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Mississippi, Canada, Nova Scotia, and other parts of the world.

I hope you will join us in making our new clan and newsletter a success. We will discuss topics I know will help in your individual research.

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Send check or money order payable to: Creative Services
12208 Mt. Olive Road, Coker, AL 35452
Phone: (205)339-3621
Fax: (205)339-6146


Johnny (John) Wayne Cargile was born in Tyler, Texas January 5, 1945. He is married to Paula Hubbard Cargile, and have one son, Jonathan Wayne Cargile, born June 5, 1985. They live in Coker, Alabama in a log house with 8.2 acres of land. John is president of Creative Services, a publishing company that supplies editorial content, book editing, and magazine production. He is also the sales support manager for Cabinet Vision, Inc., a subsidiary of BTH, Ltd of London, England. Cabinet Vision is the largest software developer in the world in the woodworking industry. John received a BA degree from Samford University in 1969, and a Msc.M and Msc.D from the University of Metaphysics in 1994.

John was a staff writer for the Birmingham News from 1968-69, sports editor of the Franklin County Times 1971-72; sports writer for the Birmingham Post-Herald 1972-80; sports editor of the Alabama Journal, Montgomery, Alabama 1980-82. He formed his own company Magic Press in 1982-86, a publishing company; managing editor of Overdrive magazine, a trucking magazine, 1986-90. Started Creative Services 1990-Present.

In 1978, he received the Associated Press Newswriting Award. In 1976-77 and 1979 he received the Sigma Delta Chi Awards; in 1976, 1978, and 1981 he received the Alabama Sports Writers Association awards; and in 1993 the Alabama Writer's Conclave award.

His interest is in genealogy, writing, research in philosophy, religion, psychology and metaphysics. He is active in golf and youth league baseball.

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