Obsession of the Heart 3


Signs of Love

Allh has established two signs for people who love Him:

1. Ittib’ Ar-Rasl;
2. Al-Jihd f sablillh;

This is because the reality of al-Jihd is the striving to accomplish that which Allh loves of mn and the righteous deeds, and the repulsion of that which Allh hates of al-Kufr, al-Fusq and disobedience.

Say: If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, your wealth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline, and the dwelling in which you delight are dearer to you than Allh and His Messenger and striving hard and fighting in his cause, then wait until Allh brings about His decision (torment), and Allh guides not rebellious folk. [Srah al-Tawbah yah 24]

The Messenger said, By Him in Whose Hand is my soul, no one among you will believe until I become more beloved to him than his children, his parents and all mankind together. [Bukhr & Muslim]

‘Umar ibn al-Khattb (RA) said, O Messenger of Allh, you are more beloved to me than anything else except myself Then the Messenger of Allh said, No, O ‘Umar! Until I become more beloved to you than yourself. ‘Umar (RA) then replied, Then, by Allh, you are more beloved to me than my own self," then the Messenger of Allh said, Now, O ‘Umar. [Bukhr & Muslim]

The reality of loving someone is never complete except by having loyalty to the beloved one, that is, to comply with him by loving what he loves and hating what he hates.

Love motivates the will of the heart. The stronger the love, the more the heart seeks the accomplishment of the beloved things. If love is to be complete, it will require a firm will in achieving beloved things.

The Messenger said, Whoever calls for guidance will have a reward similar to the reward of those who follow him, without diminishing any of their reward. And whoever calls for misguidance will have a burden similar to the burdens of those who follow him, without diminishing any of their reward. [Muslim]

The Messenger said, Verily, in Al-Madnah there are men who never embarked on a journey nor passed a valley but they were with you. The Sahbah said, And they are still in Al-Madnah? He said, Yes, and they are still in Al- Madnah; they were prevented (from travelling with you) by their excuse. [Bukhr & Muslim]

If al-‘abd abandons that which he is able to do of al-Jihd it becomes an indication of the weak love. Beloved goals cannot be attained except by enduring hateful consequences regardless of whether the love is righteous or corrupt.

If those who love Allh and His Messenger do not endure ... it shows his weak love. Mu’min has more love for Allh as He Ta‘la said:

And of mankind are some who take (for worship) others besides Allh as rivals (to Allh). They love them as they love Allh. But those who believe love Allh more (than anything else). If only, those who do wrong had but known, when they see the torment, that all power belongs to Allh and that Allh is severe in punishment. [Srah Al-Baqarah yah 165]

The lover, because of weakness of mind and corrupt reasoning, may take a route that will not reach the desired goal. Such a route is not praised even if the love itself is righteous and praise-worthy. Then, what if the love is faulty and the route is a dead end?

The heart is inherently in need of Allh from two aspects

1. worship; this is the purposive motive;
2. seeking help & reliance; this is the effective motive;

The heart will not be righteous, successful, contented, pleased, and assured except by the worship of Allh, love of Him and repentance to Him, because it has an inherent need for its Lord.

This will never occur except by the help of Allh.

It is You we worship, and it is from You we seek help. [Srah Al-Ftihah yah 5]

He will never escape the pains of this world and its distress except by making his love sincere and pure for Allh in such a way as to make Allh his ultimate desire and the end of his every intention.

If he strives to attain a goal but isn’t seeking help from Allh, relying on Him and depending on Him to achieve it, then he will never gain this true love. For that which Allh wills will be, and that which He does not will not be.

The strongest and the most guided are the ones who are most perfect in their ‘Ubdiyyah to Allh.



The one who submits to Him and to others is a Mushrik. The one who refuses to submit to Him is a Mustakbir (disdainful).

The Messenger said, Whoever has in his heart an atom’s weight of kibr (disdainfulness) will not enter al-Jannah [Muslim]

Allh has made al-kibr the opposite of al-mn, for al-kibr negates the reality of al-‘ubdiyyah.

The heart will not dispense with all created beings unless and until Allh becomes its Lord other than Whom it does not worship.

Ash-Shirk is more dominant among the Christians, while al-Kibr is more dominant among the Jews

As regards the Christians:

They took their priests and their monks to be their lords beside Allh, and (they also took as Lord) al-Mash son of Mary, while they were commanded to worship none but one deity. None has the right to be worshipped but Him. Praise and Glory be to him Who is far from having partners they associate (with Him). [Srah Al-Tawbah yah 31]

As regards the Jews:

...Is it that whenever there comes to you a messenger with what you yourselves desire not, you treat him with disdain? Some you disbelieve in and some you kill. [Srah Al-Baqarah yah 87]

I shall turn away from My Signs those who behave arrogantly on the earth in a wrongful manner, and (even) if they see all the Signs they will not believe in them. And if they see the way of righteousness they will not adopt it as the way, but if they see the way of error, they will adopt that way... [Srah Al-A‘rf ayah 146]

 Al-Kibr necessarily implies Ash-Shirk, and Ash-Shirk is the counterpart of Al-Islm, it being the sin which Allh will never forgive.

Verily Allh forgives not that rivals should be set up in worship with Him, but He forgives whomever He pleases sins other than that, and whoever sets up rivals in worship with Allh, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin. [Srah An-Nis’ ayah 48]

Verily Allh forgives not that rivals should be set up in worship with Him but He forgives whomever He pleases other than that, and whoever sets up rivals in worship with Allah, indeed he has strayed far away." [Srah An-Nis’ ayah 116]

Hence all the prophets were sent with the Dn of al-Islm, it being the only Dn acceptable to Allh.

Noah said:

And if you turn away, I have not asked you for a reward; verily, my reward is only with Allh. And I have been commanded to be of those who submit to Allh. [Srah Ynus yah 72]

Concerning Ibrhm:

And who disliked the religion of Abraham except one who fools himself? And We had chosen him in this world; and verily, in the Hereafter he will be among the righteous. When his Lord said to him: Submit! He said I submit to the Lord of the Worlds ... Therefore, do not die except that you are Muslims. [Sah Al-Baqarah yt 130-132]

Ysuf said:

... Take my soul as the one that submits and admit me among the righteous. [Srah Ysuf yah 101]

Ms said:

... O my people, if you would believe in Allh then put your trust in Him; if you are truely Muslims. Then they said: We do put our trust in Allh. [Srah Ynus yt 84-85]

The Messenger said, Allh says, Al-‘Adthamah (majesty) is My loincloth and Al-Kibriy (grandeur) is My garment. Thus, I shall punish whoever challenges Me concerning either of them [Muslim & Ab Dwd]

Majesty and Grandeur are the peculiarities of Lordship, and Grandeur is of a higher level than Majesty. For this reason He put it at the rank of a garment just as He put majesty at the rank of a loincloth.

That is why the motto (Allhu-Akbar) of Salh, Adhn, Takbr of ‘Eid. Takbr is also favoured in high places such as Saf & Marwah, and when a man ascends or mounts and animal. Also shaitn runs away when adhn is called.

And your Lord said: Call upon Me, and I shall respond to your (invocation). Verily those who disdain My worship will surely enter Jahannam in humiliation! [Srah Al-Mu’min yah 60]

Whoever disdains the worship of Allh surely must worship other than Him, because man is susceptible to mobilisation by his will.

The Messenger said : The most trustworthy of names are Hrith and Hammm. [Ab Dwd & Nas’] Hrith is the cultivator who is an active earner (provider) and Hammm is the one who is effective from the onset of intention. For intention is the beginning of the will. Man always has a will; and for every will there must be that which is willed and that toward which it aims. Then necessarily there is for each ‘abd a willed, beloved objective, which is the aim of his love and will. Therefore, whoever does not have Allh as his ma‘bd (the worshipped one) then the aim of his love and will disdains to do so. He must necessarily have another as a willed beloved one, worshipping him rather than Allh. He is then an ‘abd for that willed, beloved one, which could be wealth, fame, appearance, or whatever he takes as a deity for worship rather than Allh.

If man is an ‘abd for other than Allh, then he is surely a mushrik, and every mustakbir is a mushrik. That is why Pharaoh was one of the greatest creatures as to istikbr.

And indeed We sent Ms with Our Signs and a manifest authority to Pharaoh, Hmn and Qrn, but they called him a sorcerer, a liar! Ms said: Verily! I seek refuge in my Lord and your Lord from every arrogant one who believes not in the Day of Reckoning... Thus Allah seals up every arrogant tyrannous heart. [Srah Al-Mu’min yt 23-25]

And (We destroyed) Qrn, Pharaoh and Hmn. Ms came to them with clear signs but they were arrogant in the land, yet they could not outstrip Us (i.e., escape from Our punishment). [Srah Al-‘Ankabt yah 39]

Verily Pharaoh exalted himself in the earth and broke up its people into sections, oppressing a group among them, killing their sons and humiliating their women... [Srah Al-Qasas yah 4]

And they denied them (those signs) wrongfully and arrogantly, though their souls were convinced thereof then see what was the end of the mischief- makers. [Srah An-Naml yah 14]

The greater his istikbr the greater will be his shirk. He becomes a mushrik by means of that in which he becomes enthralled. See Pharaoh described with Shirk in Sratul-A‘rf yah 127.

Verily, We revealed the Torah, in which was guidance and light, and by which the prophets who submitted judged the Jews... [Srah Al-M’idah yah 44]

Balqs said:

...O my Lord, I have indeed wronged my soul, now I submit with Sulaymn to Allh, the Lord of the Worlds. [Srah An-Naml yah 44]

And when I inspired the Disciples to believe in Me and My Messenger, they said We believe! Then bear witness that we are Muslims. [Srah Al-M’idah yah 111]

Verily the religion with Allh is Al-Islm. [Srah Al-‘Imrn yah 19]

And whoever seeks other than Al-Islm as a religion, it will not be accepted from him... [Srah Al-‘Imrn yah 85]

Then do they seek other than the religion of Allh when whatever is in the heavens and the earth submits to Him, willingly or unwillingly; and to Him they shall be returned. [Srah Al-Imrn yah 83]

Among all creation there is no one single means which can independently generate any good or ward off any evil. Rather, any cause or means is in need of another cause or means which will help it and repel any harm which opposes it and works against it.

Say, ‘Tell me then, the things that you invoke besides Allh, if Allh intended some harm for me, could they remove His harm, or if He intended some Mercy for me, could they stop His Mercy?’ Say, ‘Sufficient is Allh for me! Those who trust in Him (Alone).’ [Srah Az-Zumar yah 38]

And if Allh touches you with a harm, none can remove it but He, and if He touches you with good; then He is Able to do all things. [Srah Al-An‘m yah 17]

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