The Prophet’s Guidance on Recovery from the Affliction of Distress and Grief

Mukhtasar Zd al-Ma‘d of Ibn al Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

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Ibn ‘Abbs reported that Allh’s Messenger used to supplicate in times of trouble saying: There is no god but Allh, the Great, the Tolerant, there is no god but Allh, the Lord of the Magnificent Throne; there is no god but Allh, the Lord of the heaven and the earth, the Lord of Edifying Throne.

On the authority of at-Tirmidh, who reported that Allh’s Messenger used to supplicate saying: Allh, the Living, the Self-Subsisting and All-Sustaining, I implore Thy mercy. Whenever afflicted with a grief, the Holy Prophet raised his hands in supplication and said: Holy is Allh, the Great, then he would go on saying Allh, the Living, the Self-Subsisting and All-Sustaining.

Ab Dwd reported on the authority of Ab Bakr:

The distressed could supplicate saying: Allh, I implore Thee to have mercy on me, do not leave me on my own even for just a blink of an eye; I implore Thee to improve my condition; there is no god but Allh. In her turn Asm Bint Omais narrated that the Messenger of Allh addressed her saying: Shall I teach you some words you would say at the time of distress? Alright, say, ‘There is no god but my Lord, I associate none with Him.’ Another narrator called Ahmed said: Should a creature be afflicted with a grief, he must supplicate in the following manner: ‘O Allh, I am your servant and the son of your servant and she-servant; my forelock is in Thy hand. Thou art decisive in Thy judgement, just in Thy trial, I ask Thee by every Name Thou have attached to Thyself, revealed in Thy Book, confided to any of Thy creatures or kept secret in the World of the Unseen, I beseech Thee earnestly to render the Holy Koran the Bloom of my heart, the light of my sight, the obliterator of my grief and remover of my distress.

Abu Dwd reported that the Messenger of Allh said to Ab Ummah:

Shall I teach you words which if you recite, Allh will blot out your grief and relieve you of your debts? Ab Ummah said, Oh, Yes! The Holy Prophet then went on saying Alright, always remember to supplicate in the morning and evening with the following words: ‘O Allh! I seek refuge with you from (worries) care and grief, from incapacity and laziness, from miserliness and cowardice, from being heavily in debt and from being overpowered by other men.’ Abi Ummah said that he did so and Allh helped him overcome his grief and relieve him of his debt.

Ibn ‘Abbs reported that the Noble Prophet said: Whosoever begs for Allh’s forgiveness, Allh will relieve him of his grief, give him a way out of his distress and provide for him from whence he expects not.

Another Prophetic saying that goes to the same purport, goes as follows: Seek strife in the cause of Allh, it is a gate conducive to the Garden and will verily ward off your cares and grief. The Prophet also said: When cares and grief hunt you, always recite, ‘there is no might and power but that of Allh.’

Fifteen sort of remedies could be listed to resort to when afflictions of grief, cares and worries start playing within one’s heart:

• Belief in One Lord

• Belief that there is no god but Allh

• Belief that Allh is Omniscient

• Deanthropomorphism in understanding that Allh is not liable to wrong His servant, nor does He hold any responsible for anything he has no knowledge of

• The servant’s confession that he is the wrongdoer

• Supplication, using the most sacred thing in the Divine perspective, namely His Names and Attributes and the most inclusive ones, in particular: He is the Living (al-Hayy), the Self-Subsisting and All-Sustaining (al-Qayym).

• Seeking refuge with Allh, only

• The servant’s recognition that only Allh is worthy of making supplication to

• Effecting complete dependence on Allh, resignation to Him and acknowledgement of the fact that one’s forelock is in Allh’s hand; He is decisive in His judgement and just in His decision

• Complete absorption of the luminous words of the Holy Koran that can illuminate the dark areas of obscurities and lust

• Seeking Allh’s forgiveness

• Repentance

• Fight in the way of Allh

• Observance of prayer

• Admitting incapacity, and conviction that there is no might and no power but that of Allh.

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