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Is the fake Koran's episode truly a question of freedom of expression? In all the uproar this case had caused, however, freedom of expression as an issue in this debate had been overlooked. One can hear phrases like ‘cultural conflict’, ‘clash between civilizations’ and ‘political conflict’ between all parties with interest in this case. Many controversial works similar to “the fake site” are posted and published frequently all over the world and sometimes by writers from the Islamic world but only a small number of them have attracted such attention. The only unique thing about this work is its audacity towards the Holy Koran and the enthusiasm by some supporters to host the fake site just to seek publicity for themselves. Consequently, this case has unveiled the uncivilized attitude which was expressed by some supporters of an anonymous author as they claim. What was hidden behind some liberal faces is clearly disgusting. One can feel that there is something behind words and obviouse attempts were made to picture Muslims as the enemy of freedom, but, freedom of whom, no one bothered.  Furthermore one can relizes that some secular wtiters tend to refer to Islam or the Islamic teachings as the last remaining enemy. This made some ask is this attitude a signal of the transference of hatred from communism to Islam. Do they always need an enemy to make their living? Is Islam a push-over or is it a matter of miscalculations? OK, fine, WHO IS NEXT?   
Who has the right to grant freedom or a ward it and regulate it?  Who can judge the limits of freedom if there is? In other word what about the possible negative and positive influences of this freedom in different cultures?  In this case there were losers as well as there were winners but the losers were by far greater in numbers than the winners and for no apparent reason. Even freedom has lost a great deal because all this uproar was done in its name and it was not ‘clean’ this time. Defenders and hosts of the fake site have lost in the eyes of many Muslims when they defended the right of an individual who made a mockery of the noble religions and its symbols. Those who defend and host the fake site also think they have gained some fame and self-satisfaction as freedom fighters no matter what freedom they defended, regardless of their knowledge of the language the site appeared. As long as the case related to Muslims. But when 'any' person all over the world just 'think'of reviewing for instance, the HOLOCAUST issue, no freedom fighters nor freedom rats will appear. Don't ask me how and why, just ask this respectable gentleman somewhere on the Internet, who spend 48 a DAY just to prove how serious FREE SPEECH IS UNDER ATTACK by Muslims. Part of the answer is Here and I hope you can help in the name of freedom of speech to find the other part. But if it is difficult for you to be fair -please- remember that it is unwise to be unjust. Or - Please - my friend sell something else.

Muslims who have protested to get their faith respected pushed by their strong faith in Islam are now regarded by some supporters of the Fake site as a close minded and sometimes as killers who are prepared to protest for the posting of a site and demonstrate against the opinion of an individual. This is a picture that reinforced by some biased international media. Do Muslims have the right to protest? Who knows,you are free to humiliate them, as they do not have the right to be respected just because they are Muslims and you do not stand those who worship God instead of worshiping desires to insult. Enjoy it, even in the ATARI war games aim to a Muslim and shot. You are free mate.  
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