iammystery's Diversity Realm
iammystery's Diversity Realm

For everything from fan fiction and anime to the Wild Wild West, you've come to the right dimension^__^

It is the dim
haze of mystery
that adds enchantment
to pursuit.
Antoine de Rivarol

~ "There is a moment in every dawn
when light floats, there is the possibility of magic.
Creation holds its breath." ~ H2G2

Hiya! This is the former "Jena's Jungle." I was getting tired of the title, so I changed it. Like it? I'm glad. No? I care not ^_^ I've updated some of my pages, like the Ronin page--it has fanfics! It will have mine, too, if I can get my lazy butt around to it. Anyway, Welcome to the Diversity Realm!
If you haven't guessed by now, I have so many interests--hence the new title of my page-- that I rarely can spend large amounts of time on each one. Like a short, hairly little wise man once said, "A rubber band pulled in many directions at once will eventually snap ... but it makes a pretty cool shape." :) Don't be afraid--I'm as normal as the next nutcase.

Japanese Dragonball links available on the DBZ page
Bishounen Grove--a joint effort b/w me and a friend. Under Construction.
Lots of links added to the Gundam page & a few to the DBZ page
Rekka-chan's new CCT story is up on the Ronin page
Part 1 of my Ronin story, Aurora is up here
New Author, Dynamite, on Ronin page. Two very good stories.
New Page: The Wild Wild West. Has fan fics up, one of them mine.
Rekka-chan's ch 9&10 on Ronin Page
New Rekka-chan ch 8 on Ronin Page
New page--Adventures of Sinbad^__^
Fanfic on the Ronin's page
New links at: D, E, and Anime

Pick Warp Point

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Koibito Archives See! Here's my koi^_~

Twins Here's a link to my friend's homepage--like mine, it's under heavy construction. Click here to go there. The cute picture is from Cutter's Den. It's link is also on my elf page.

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Be patient with my updates--I'm a college student.

Disclaimer: None of the graphics or icons on my pages were made by me, unless otherwise stated. I claim no rights or ownage to any of them. If you do own one and don't like it on my page, e-mail me, tell me why, and I'll remove it. If you don't mind, then I say "thanks."



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