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Gwen Rocks My World!

Gwen Stefani has touched my life with her style and talent and ultimate personality. She is my idol and my role model, leading me to obsession with her and the band!!! This page was the least I could do to show my undying admiration for Gwen.I know that you are suppose to be fair to all the band members, but you must admit, Gwen has something special about her! Watch her as she graces the stage at the Pond in Anaheim, California in the totally addictive video Live from the Tragic Kingdom!!! Also, if you have any tapes or vids of No Doubt, check out my trades page!!! And may No Doubt rule the music scene forever!!! They deserve it!!!

This is the most beautiful picture of the most beautiful woman on earth!

Why she's my idol:
  • Her personality rules!
  • She's great to her fans
  • She's beautiful and talented
  • She's a perfect role model
  • She doesn't do drugs or smoke

RARE PICS ARE HERE!!!Click here!

Or go here for more Rare pics! I'll add them together eventually, but these are better, believe me!
The latest news on No Doubt
My very fave pics of Gwen...
See my personal favorites and what I have to say about them
Trade with me... please!
Kewl faq and bio...
Well, it isn't really a bio, its more like another page with me raving on and on about how awesome she is and some faqs I about her I think are kewl
See what I think of all of No Doubt's albums!
The lyrics are still being added to, but I have added misc lyrics.

Click HERE to see pictures of Gwen and No Doubt chatting!
What I'm going to add
  • A different page for all of my seperate pages, because angelfire doesn't give me enough space.
  • Lyrics to all albums and non-LP tracks
  • Send me more suggestions!


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as of Dec. 31, 1997

I think I have everything back that I had before, if you see something I forgot or that I should add, e-mail me and let me know!

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