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Become a part of Girly Que

Hello to all of you girls! We are currently still making more and more articles to include in the magazine. If you would like to become a part of Girly Que please email me an application. The things you should include are at the bottom. We need girls between the ages of 11-17 to write articles. Positions include: 1. Fitness editor 2. Fashion editor 3. Beauty editor 4. Poetry editor 5. and anything else you can think of We are going to start doing a cover with a model on it and a feature story. If you would like to be selected please send me your pictures and stories and the staff will pick a new girl for every issue. If you have any comments or questions email me! Oh I almost forgot if you want to make a quiz send me 10 questions, plus answers, key, and the conclusion. Also if you have any why me stories send them along with your name and age and state. Thanks alot!!

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