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Grantland Bits & Pieces Along the Way

Pictured above is the old Morgan county courthouse
at Somerville, Morgan county, Alabama

My great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and I played in this courtyard and on its fence during each of our childhoods. Great fun and great memories!

The following is a collection of bits & pieces that I have picked up along the way in my search...perhaps, one day they will fit into my family puzzle...some do already, but only need entering.

  1. Thanks Rootsweb!
    Joe Fennell of Huntsville sent me the URL for "MadisonCO, AL 1850 Federal Census" which lists lots of Owen(s), Grantland, Draper, McClure.
    CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06
    (File: erathmarrg.txt)
    ERATH COUNTY, TEXAS 1896-1908
    Microfilm #1026024 Volume #1
    Grantland, Ira Grantland, Miss Georgie GRANTLAND I 45
  3. 1840 MorganCO, AL Census
  4. Thanks to Lee Childress>Bonnie Lucille Worthy>John Williamson Worthy>Anderson Grantland Worthy>Lucy F Grantland>Samuel Grantland>Gideon Grantland
    Samuel Grantland was a brother of Seaton Grantland who was a legislator from Georgia. Samuel also was a newspaper editor in Milledgeville, Georgia. They migrated there in the very early 1800's. Gideon Grantland shows up in some tax rolls in New Hanover, Virginia. Anderson married Lucy around 1849-50 as they show up in the census as married at that time... they then moved to Cullman Co, AL.
  5. Thank you to Patricia and Sue Marine for the look up:
    BLEVINS at Blue Springs Cemetery
    T7S R2W S25
    A. P. Blevins
    born: 15 Dec 1859
    died: 5 April 1927
    husband of Samantha Blevins
    Samantha Blevins
    born 15 Sept 1862
    died: 3 July 1914
    Wife of A. P. Blevins
    pg 201
    Lola Blevins
    born: 23 Sept 1905
    died: 6 Jan 1909
    dau. of J. E. and F. O. E. Blevins
    Virgie Blevins
    born: 28 Feb 1907
    died: 8 June 1908
    dau of J. E. and F. O. E. Blevins
    James E. Blevins
    born: 15 Oct 1909
    died: 25 Dec 1967
    Ala Sgt Army Air Force, WWII
    James Elijah Blevins
    born: 27 March 1878
    died: 22 Aug 1955
    on same stone with:
    Fannie Fowler Blevins
    born: 6 Jan 1882
    died: 27 June 1932
    pg 202
    Husie Blevins
    born: 26 April 1886
    died: 26 Jan 1954
    on same stone with:
    Katie Blevins
    born: 16 Oct 1896
    Peck funeral home marker: died: 5 April 1981
    pg 203
    Aulton Blevins
    died 11 July 1925
    son of Husie and Katie
    Huey Blevins
    died 25 July 1920
    son of Husie and Katie
    Hoyt Blevins
    died: 2 Nov 1918
    son of Husie and Katie
    William S. Blevins
    born: 1 Aug 1848
    died: 24 Sept 1914
    Susie Blevins
    born: 22 May 1849
    died: 22 May 1925
    wife of W. S.
    Crawford Cemetery
    T8S R1W S2
    Nancy Blevins
    born: 20 March 1823
    died: 11 Nov 1896
    Elisha J. Blevins
    born: 24 Dec 1826
    died: 27 June 1862
    The following three are on the same stone:
    Children of W. S. and S. Blevins
    Franklin S. Blevins
    born: 21 Sept 1868 (month ?)
    died: 26 Sept 1868 (month ?)
    William E. Blevins
    died: 26 Oct 1874, aged 19 days
    Samuel E. Blevins
    born: 15 July 1881
    died: 10 Sept 1882 (month ?)
  6. (Beverley Key)
    Date: Fri, Jul 9, 1999, 9:59am
    To: (Phyllis Owen)
    Subject: GRANTLAND
    Hi Phyllis,
    Yesterday at the Birmingham, AL library I found this...
    In the 1900 Soundex I found a card for Elias GRANTLING in Morgan County (ED 132, sheet 6, line 66), Valhermosa Springs, Pct 8.
    The census entry reads:
    GRANTLING, Elias 30 M/9 yrs. farmer 12/1869 AL  AL AL Rents f106
    Clara 28 Mother 3/3 children 03/1872 AL AL AL
    Edgar 8 03/1892
    Lonnie 6 02/1894
    Albert 1 02/1899
    The children were all born in AL... There was writing over "Elza's name" which the transcriber interpreted as Elias...
    I didn't copy the census entry but knew you would like to know what I found...
    Take care,Bev
    NOTE: I believe the above to be Elsa Grantland, Clara WRAY G., James Edgar (GranDaddy Ed, my great grandfather), Louie G. and Albert G...but need to research further.
  7. From: (Phyllis Owens) Date: Fri, Jul 9, 1999, 2:15pm To:, Subject: [Grantland] Fwd: Re: [ALMORGAN-L] IRA G. GRANTLAND Reply to:
    Our dear, sweet Peggy is so quick with response!! See below:
    Date:    Fri, Jul 9, 1999, 2:03pm From:    "Peggy C. Wilson" To:    Phyllis Owens Subject:    Re: [ALMORGAN-L] IRA G. GRANTLAND
    None of these counties are neighboring counties; Hill, Dallas & Erath Co., Texas. Hill Co., Texas is south of Johnson Co., Texas which is south of Tarrant Co., Texas (Fort Worth). Dallas County is the county to the east of Tarrant Co., Tx. Erath is further west, Hill and Erath are not as populated as Dallas County. I will run your query on the Texas lists that I'm on. Peggy
    Phyllis Owens wrote:
    My friend and cousin, Bev Key in Birmingham (who is, also, a part of this list) and I have been working on this puzzle for awhile. Please KNOW how very, very much I appreciate any and all help with this. The following is what we have thusfar on Ira G. Grantland:
    Ira G. Grantland, son of James B. Grantland and Mary WINTON.
    MorganCO, AL 1880 census:
    James B. Grantland white male age50 b:AL
    Mary w f 46
    Martha w f 23
    Elsa w m 20
    Ludie w f 15
    "Ira w m 9"

    HillCO, TX 1900 census:
    "Ira Grantland w m Feb. 1872 age28 AL AL AL farmer"
    Clara wife w f Feb. 1883 age17 MS MS MS
    Charles H. son w m May 1897 age3 TX AL MS

    DallasCO, TX 1910 census:
    "Ira G. Grantland m w 38 m:14yrs AL AL AL real estate agent"
    Georgia wife f w 30 m:14yrs TX AR AR
    Charles H. son m w 12 single TX AL TX
    James B. son m w 11 single TX AL TX
    Robert L. son m w 9 single TX AL TX
    Mary dau. f w 8 single TX AL TX
    I cannot recall the date, but I believe it was 1896 or 7 that Ira Gantland and Miss Georgie GRANTLAND (cousins?, akin?, no kinship? LATER NOTE:It turns out her maiden name is CROWSON) married in ErathCo, TX. I do not know where this is in conjuntion with HillCo, TX or DallasCO, TX. I do not know where HillCO, TX is, either. I should have already looked at a map.
    1) the wives' places of birth for themselves and their parents;
    2) the number of 14 years Georgia was his wife after only 10 years since he was married to Clara; 3) Charles' mother's names and places of birth are different.
    Bev Key has a picture.
    Your Friend in the Search, Phyllis Owen :-)
  8. 08/11/1999 While searching for Ira and Clara's marriage in Texas, I found the following: Oakwood Cemetery, Denison, Grayson County, Texas: GRANTLAND GARY LYNN MAR 4,1951 APR 29,1988
    GRANTLAND KENNETH RAY DEC 18,1922 MAY 14,1992 GRANTLAND LULA V AUG 15,1897 APR 20,1979 Some of ours, maybe?
  9. From: (Philip Broadway)
    Date: Thu, Oct 7, 1999, 6:38pm (CDT-2)
    Subject: Grantland Genealogy
    Phyllis, I saw the surname GRANTLAND in Morgan County, Alabama being researched by you.  I am not a descendant of the Grantland's.   My great grandfather, ANDREW BENNETT WHITE, had a half-brother named JOHN HENRY WHITE.  John and his wife, EMILY CATHERINE KEY, had a daughter named LAURA ADD WHITE.
    I found her death in a book from Morgan Co. titled "Tid-Bits."  which was written entirely from newspapers.  She died 5 Jul 1890.  It stated that she left a husband behind to mourn her death and his name was E. O. GRANTLAND.  It also stated that they married in March 1889.  I have never been able to find the marriage.  Have you found this one?  Do you know if Elsa O. was the same person as mentioned above?  What county did the Grantland's reside around 1890? The White's lived in Lawrence and Morgan counties.
    Brenda White Broadway Athens, Alabama
    NOTE: I feel that Laura might have been Elsa's 2nd wife and Clara his 3rd.
  10. From Search
    Terms: GRANTLAND (7)
    Database: War of 1812 Muster Rolls
    Combined Matches: 7
    Surname/Given Name/Middle Initial/CompanyUnit/Rank @ Induction/Rank @ Discharge/MISC/ROLL-BOX/ROLL-EXCT/