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Casa de HaeSuse

AAA Matilda United States

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Please, if you have any questions or comments let me know. If you came to see the completely offensive and areligious House of HaeSuse, that is, the old school page, it's down at the bottom. And at all times remember to live life, and don't just let life be your fancy procces of death. At all times Beware the Dragon . Email me at:

Stop The Drug War

WELL!!! You've made it a long way.
Not many have the heart to enter this page and come out unscathed, unoffended, unchanged. Not many even have the power to digest this stuff. If you do go beyond this point, and I urge you to, don't blame me for not warning you as to the severity of the information inside. Don't email me with complaints, that is unless you have read ALL that is on this page. However, fair well kind soul, in this fish bowl...

Come on into The Cove, if you have the cahoneys.