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When it's time to start your next building project, let us give you a free quote on your roof and floor trusses. We offer quick 3 to 5 day delivery at economical prices. Friendly, knowledgeable advice. Ask for Raymond Edwards. He was a builder before he started in the truss component business and can quickly give you the advice you need to get started in the right direction. He's able to predict any problems you may encounter. Also, Edwards Truss now offers a whole new line of products that make the completion of your building project go much faster and saves you money as well. WEBSIDESTORY, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. U.S. PATENT PENDING. -->

Edwards Building Components

New!! TimberSteel
The Stabilizer (call 800-262-8932)
Raymond Edwards and employees at leisure along the banks of the beautiful Clifty Creek
Dale Willams (our no-nonsense Superintendant)
Eric Edwards (son of Raymond & Louise Edwards)
Estimating Softwear

New Truss Designs

1st design of this type (Feb. 99)
4 more Views of this Unusual Design

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