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The Durmanhoth Legacy

The Durmanhoth Clan is an ancient secret society of Assassins formed on the Atlantic Shard whos sole basis of existing is to horde as much gold as possible. The D*C are strong willed fighters/mages and traders who only want money for themself and to protect their clan brothers. The Clan fighter for the clan first. All others in the world must at all times come second. As a member of this secret society, you will renounce all loyality to Lord British, passed guilds and old allies. Your friends are your brothers. Your Allies are the ones deemed strong enough to hold their own with the Durmanhoth and your wealth will be limitless. The Clan is here to serve its members and to serve the public in eliminating the unwanted aspects of society. Be that good paying for evil to die. Or Evil paying for good to die. It doesn't matter, as long as the gold is pure!

D@C Chaos and War Stone #2
The D@C stone is comprized of those members that love to pillage and sack towns. Under the control of the Warlord and the direction of the Blood Knight, the Chaos Warriors charge into battle killing all Order and warring guilds they see. Members that cross from either the recruit stone or the main stone to the Chaos stone must pass some eligibility requirements. This insures that YOU the member wont die every 5 seconds and that your clan brothers wont either cause you "their backup" died way to early on.

DBS The Durmanhoth Pirate Stone #3
The pirate stone is comprised of a variety of members. Mainly, the stone is for those that prefer to PK by the oceans. Using boat vs boat vs land combat, these members destroy, pillage and loot all they see in the vast oceans.
As well as sea-pks, the stone is host to thieves, treasure hunters and fishermen. Now that theives can be in BOTH the npc guild as well as a player guild, we have all of the theives on this stone. Treasure-Hunters and Fishermen are used to pillage all the wonders lost on land and in the deep sea.

D^C Recruit and Merchant Stone #4
The D^C Recruit and Merchant stone was created for those members that are brand new to the game or brand new second chars to old guild members to help get their skills up. The stone is run by the Mysticlord currently and you must go through this stone and improve before you are allowed on the main stone. Merchant characters and mules are also on this stone so that they are protected by the laws of Britania. This is the legal operation through which the gold is lanundered and members are trained for the secret society.

Brothers of the Clan must abide by the rules of the clan at all times. Failure to follow the rules will result in fines, suspensions, exile or executions. You have a duty to NOT retreat unless you have absolutely no chance of saving the battle or another member. You have a duty to pay when you can to assist the guild in futher growth and expansion. This is aside from the $3,000gp to join. Monthly meetings to be held the first week of each month on Sunday night at 7:00pm CST. Council meetings to be held monthly on the third week of every month.
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