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CATS Video Bloopers


1.) "Are you keen to be seen when you're smelling a rat?" The trapeze casts a shadow on Etcetera.

2.) "Can you sing at the same time in more than one key..." At the top of the kitty pyramid, Mungojerrie is making faces and laughing.

3.) The Naming of Cats---on the left side of the screen, Electra is cut out of the picture.

4.) When Jennyanydots rolls out of the trunk of the car, you can see her costume that she wears in the tap dance.

5.) When Jemima is putting on her mouse mask, she has trouble with it so she takes it off and puts it on again.

6.) "She sits upon the window sill..." When Munkustrap spreads his feet apart, he kicks Jennyanydots' tail.

7.) Munkstrap stumbles a little when Jennyanydots slides under him.

8.) "...just need employment..." When Jennyanydots sings this, you see that her velcro neck piece has come loose, but in the next shot, it's back in place.

9.) When Munkustrap turns his head, after Rum Tum Tugger's music starts, spit flies out of his mouth.

10.) In The Pekes and the Pollicles, when Munkustrap sings "I don't know the reason, but most people think..." You see Tumblebrutus in the back ground looking back at someone. Maybe Mungojerrie putting on his pollicle suit?

That's all I have for now. I will definitely have more up soon! Please come back!