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Educational Links

There are many educational sites available on the internet just as there are many ways to educate your children. Though I tend to be eclectic to unschooling with mine, I know many families like structure and textbooks and that is GREAT!! Knowing what works for your family and willing to change methods in mid-stream is what home schooling is all about. Since we are in Alabama, there are many links concerned with home education in this state. I have listed many types of links on Lots of different subjects... I am always looking for good web sites to post..send me the Address of those you like!!!

HomeSchool Information and Thoughts

Alabama Homeschool Page
Alabama Home Educator's Network
HOMESCHOOL In Alabama Essay!!!!
Pennsylvania Homeschoolers
Family Learning Organization -
Home School Headlines
HomeSchool Essays
6 lesson School teacher
Official Learn At Home Web Site: Home Page
Colleges That Admit Homeschoolers
Homeschool World: The #1 Homeschooling Site on the Web
Escondido Tutorial Service
Homeschooling Code in ALabama
Alabama Christian Homeschool Page
Educator's Web sites
UAB LongDistance Learning site
Homefires - The Journal of Homeschooling
Institutional education - Civil Liberties - 3/22/99
HEM Networking & Discussion Boards -
Free Things for Educators!

Homeschooling Help Webpages

Grace Llewellyn's Home Page
Homer's Workshop
Frank Potter's Science Gems
Holt GWS Web Site
Alabama History online
Upattinas School and Resource Center
Melody's Homework Help
Environmental Science Minigrants
Welcome to School Express!
GBS Physics Home Page
Teen homeschooler
SC FREE Stuff Home Web site
Elizabeths homepage..a christian HS teen
NATHHAN- HSing Special Needs
Mastery Math
Tales of Wonder
FUNBRAIN: Educational, Online Games for Kids
Aboard Puzzle Depot: Trivia, Puzzles and Games For Education or Recreati

Catalogs and Magazines and Curriculum

Tobins Lab
ROCK homeschool catalog
Elijah Company
School of Tomorrow
Greenleaf Press
Common Sense Press
Beautiful Feet Books
Cobblestone And More
Cleft Rock Home School
The Official Far Above Rubies Web Site
Sisters in Christ - Curriculum Reviews-home
Heart of Wisdom Publishing:
Rainbow Resource