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Articles About Education

There are so many online articles on home education, Public schooling, and parenting that I figured it was time to put them in one place so that folks could come by here and check out the ones they have not read. Most of the articles I will post here will have to do with Education, rights of parents and what happens in the system. If you find a site that needs to go on here ,please Email it to me. Remember some sites are not up permenantly, just for a few days. Hopefully I can remember to check them and Take them off as they become obsolete. PLEASE email me if one you clicked on was no longer there, this would be helpful to me!

Articles on Public School

Are public Schools hazardous
Institutional education - Civil Liberties - 3/22/99
Of Daffodils and Diesels

Articles for Home Education

Essay on Homeschooling in Alabama
.CNET TV - Home Schooling
Study: Home Schooled Students Excel
At Home In America a homeschool newspaper /

Misc Articles

Mistakes in Textbooks
College choices
What are we doing to our boys
Myth of the Teenager
Why Homeschool?