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Breeding a Grendel

Most people think that the Grendels are mean and horrid creatures. This is not always the case. If a Grendel is taught correctly from the very begining, the Grendel will be much more wellbehaved. Start by teaching your Grendel the same way you would a Norn. Teach them the name of the hand, the words, and the actions. Once the Grendel is in contact with other Grendels, Ettins, or Norns, you have to watch them very carefully. If you hear them slap the Norns, slap them and tell them "no". If you do this enough, they will get the point. Although all Grendels aren't easy to train, most are.

What is the machine down by the Statue of the Shee?

The machine located by the Shee statue (the Ettin/Grendel implement is there too) is a place to mix chemicals into alcohol, fear, pain, etc. This can be dangerous and lethal if you do not know the combinations. For instance, the wrong combination could produce a toxic drink. The list of combinations is very long, so if you want it, ask.

I can't figure out how to obtain the implements, such as advanced science kit.

Once you find the implements (for example, the Science Kit implement is by the second elevator on the second level), you need to get the Norns to push it. To do this the Norn must know the word 'implement', know push, and pay attention.

How do you activate the Genetic Splicing Machine>

To activate the Genetic Splicing Machine, you must get your Norn to the computer room (or if you have the scrolling capability, scroll there yourself). Once in the computer room (has two computer, near the music room, has the brain implement), you can get the Norn to push the machine, or do it yourself. Once the Machine is activated, you will receive a message from the Shee (saved in the computer itself). This will tell you what exactly you have done.

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