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Real name: Bradley James Fafara
Birthday: May 12, 1967
Age: 34
Nickname: Dez
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black (very dark)
Favorite color: Plum
Background: Italian
Children: 1, 8-year old Tyler (this is NOT his ex-wife's son). His girlfriend has two young children he consider's his own.
Married: Not anymore
Pets: Dogs, he has/had three pitbulls
Previous jobs: Hair dresser and a brick layer
Other:He's only 5'8 or something. Dez's most painful tattoo is the on that sill exists on the inside of his arm that says Jennifer Fafara (his ex-wife). "I never got rid of it because we've come to terms with it and we're friends now." He was raised by his mom and three sisters. He also lives in Santa Brabra with his girlfriend.
This is a picture of Dez's uncle or dad, I'm not too sure yet because i e-mailed him and he said he was dez's uncle but dez says he had a famous dad but his dad's name is Steven so i'm guessing his uncle is telling the truth. His name is Stanley Fafara.