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Real Name: Michael Patrick Christopher Harrison B, Cox
Birthday: August 31st, 1977 (he told me)
Age: 23
Nickname: Bug
Eye color: Greeny brown
Hair color: Naturally brown, dyed blue
Favorite color: Green
Children: None
Married: no
Pets: Three pugs Keroppi, Shozzy and Olive.
Previous jobs: No previous jobs because he was "Straight outta High School. A bunch of loungin!, A bunch of days of "What am I gonna with my life?" It just happened overnight basically. I'm still overwhelmed!"
Other: "I graduated early so I didn't have to go to school anymore, because I hated school. Once I got out of school early and all my friends were still at school, I was sittin at home doing nothing... and then I got the band! I tried college for about 2 days". He auditioned with his brother. Obviously Mike got the part, although his brother was better. Meegs said that Bug is hung like a moose. He also has a girlfriend of a few years named Kristyn Emily Loya. "I was the one white kid in the whole freakin neighborhood. Grew up on welfare my whole life and lived on the street with like "gangsta's" and tried to just fit in. I used to steal stuff from K-Mart for them so they wouldn't mess with me. I think it's better that way because all the white kids that lived in my town were stuck up idiots. Now I go back to my hometown and they're all workin in coffee shops. When I was in 12th grade I was 5' 1" I totally hit puberty after high school. So I had no friends.. no chhiccks hheh "LOOK AT ME NOW MUTHAFUKKA".

Picture of Kristyn from come sway this way