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The Yahoo! Clubs Comments From Members

Here are some of the most moving comments of John Lennon by some of the clubs members.

The greatest Beatle

Even though all the Beatles have talent, John was and is the best. How many times do you see a man get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame TWICE!!! This year is only the 2nd time, and it will be Paul.



He was an excellent musician...a brillant artist. John had a lot of great views. He loved Yoko to death and didn't care what anyone else thought of it. I love John for his music and his personality...he's so funny to listen and watch. I really wish...that thing...(MDC)...was never born. I'd really like to see what John's work would have evolved into, both musically and family wise.


I love John Lennon!

Wow, was John Lennon not the greatest musician in history? I'm so totally mad he was killed before I could hear his music, live! I mean, think of what a difference he could have continued to make if some idiot hadn't killed him! John Lennon's message of peace was truly one before its time, today he would be/is considered a genius for his absolute outspokeness and ingeniuity.



I think john lennon was the greatest musician ever.