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Johns Basic Life Story

The epic story of a major Pop Star all started on a cold morning in Liverpool, a seaport in the North-West of England. On this cold morning ( October 9th 1940 ) Julia Lennon gave birth to John Winston Lennon. But no one knew that this young babe, was going to be a legendary rock n’ roll star. John's dad work on a ship and was not home very often, this ment that John had to live with his aunt Mimi while his mum worked through this hard time John had a weird childhood, he struggled at school and seemed to be more interested in listening and playing music than school work. In 1956 John and several mates at the Quarry Music school started a band “The Quarrymen” a rather appropriate name. In 1957 John and the Quarrymen were playing at a church fate. This led to one of the most famous partnerships in music history! Paul McCartney another musician was at this fate and saw the band play. When the band went off, Paul and John met for the first time. They talked for while and in late 1957 Paul was in the band. This was when they did there first gig at there local jazz club The Cavern. In 1958 Paul introduced George Harrison to John. He was a another guitarist. He showed John what he could do and he was instantly in the band! In 1958 John started art college, during his time there his mum, Julia, was accidentally killed in a car crash. This effected John’s life a lot and he started to drink alcohol to cover the distress, but The Quarrymen continue to play like always with Lennon, McCartney and Harrison who were joined by other musicians, but most of them did not stay long. Johns best friend at art collage Stuart Sutcliffe joined the band as a bass guitarist in late 1960. He and Lennon would usually go to a bar called the Jacaranda which was owned by Allan Williams who became there first manager! At that time a London agent and promoter Larry Parnes asked Mr.Williams to pick our bands to back up some stars of the time on tours in Scotland and North England. Surprisingly enough Johnny and the Moondogs was one of the bands chosen but it was suggested to them that they should change their name.Hence the name "The Beatles" They toured Scotland backing Johnny Gentle but making no real progress. they realised that they needed a drummer. They had once played at a club called the Casbah which was owned by Mrs Mona Best who had a son called Pete. Pete was a drummer and in the summer of 1960 he had joined the Beatles! That same summer Allan Williams had met the owner of a club in Hamburg. He had a Liverpool band at his club and they were going down quite well so he wanted another. About a week after Pete Best had joined the band they were off to Hamburg! The trip lasted three months. They enjoyed the tour and did over 100 shows. When they got back from Germany, they surprised audiences with their new and improved style. They came back without Stuart Sutcliffe, as he had fallen in love with a striking blonde haired German girl. They quickly got engaged an Astrid Kirchherr changed her fiances’ hair style. John, Paul and George changed their hair to a similar style but Pete Best kept his teddy bear looks. While they were there, they made their first ever record to be released, this led to their meeting with Brian Epstein. The Beatles didn’t star in this record and they didn’t use their name. It featured a British artist who was a singer/guitarist named Tony Sheridan. They made a Beat version of “When the Saints go marching in” and “My Bonnie lies over the ocean”. The record label credited Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers. When they came back again they start at the Cavern again. John helped a friend from art college write a music magazine called “Mersey Beat” (as Liverpool stands on the river Mersey). One shop that sold the magazine was owned by Brian Epstein. One day a man walked into the shop and asked where he could see The Beatles playing. The Cavern was a hundred yards down the road but Epstein didn’t know where to see the despite the fact he sold Mersey Beat which highly featured the Beatles. When Epstein found out they were playing at the Cavern he went to see them and they signed him up as manager. He tried to get them a record deal with Decca records one of the majors in the time. He failed so the Beatles went back to Germany for seven weeks and while they were there, Epstein got the a label! He heard about George Martin who owned Parlophone, this was part of the big EMI company. Martin recommended they changed their drummer, so in August 1962 they signed Richard Starkey to replace Pete Best. Starkey’s nickname was Ringo Starr. During the first three weeks of there new label John married Cynthia Powell who he had been seeing since 1958 and she was now pregnant. The Beatles released there first single “Love Me Do”, a Lennon/McCartney song which briefly made the top twenty. The Beatles had two more trips to Hamburg before the end of 1962 and then they were as confident as could be! There second single “Please please me” topped three of four UK charts and was number 2 in the last. They became very popular as they toured so much. Beatle Mania had began!!! The Beatles were at the top, and John was enjoying it. He had had everything, money, a wife, a kid, talent, but he hadn’t even started. The Beatles released more albums and singles all getting to number 1! So they decided to go to America. No other British group had ever had that much success in America, but the Beatles took it by storm, and what’s weird, they were just having a laugh. John released two poetry books “In his own Right” and “A Spaniard of works”. Which both were bestsellers. The Beatles performed at the Royal Variety Show and got MBE awards. They made two films “A Hard Days Night” and “Help”, both were big hits! At the end of 1965 John made a big mistake, he said that Christianity will not last for ever in an interview and this was not well appreciated. The crowd got wild, they got crazy and dangerous. So John apologised and the Beatles decided that the crowd were becoming so dangerous that they wouldn’t play live again! After that thing started to go wrong for the Beatles. They became obsessed with peace. This might be a good thing, but it seems that John and the Beatles took it a little too far! It was evident to that their music began to change. They turned somewhat away from pure pop songs. This started when the album “Revolver” was released. In 1966 John starred in a black and white film called “How I Won The War” in the non-musical role of Private Gripweed. In November of that year John met the Japanese avant-garde artist Yoko Ono when he attended an exhibition of her work at a London art gallery, just before the Beatles started work on what would be their finest album. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, the album which is regarded as the best album ever was released. That summer the Beatles took part in an equally world shattering event. They did the first live satellite T.V. broadcast. The Beatles were asked to perform an unheard song to an audience of approximately 400 million people. They actually sang live to an instrumental backing track recorded previously that day, but the broad cast was a sensation; viewers all over the world simultaneously heard “All You Need Is Love” a most appropriate song for the summer dubbed the Summer Of LOVE!!! Then things started to go wrong. The group decided to go over to Wales to study the transcendental meditation as practised by Indian guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was the leader of a ten day course. While they were away Epstein died bringing great distress to John and the band. In 1968 the Beatles started Apple Corps. Ltd. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out how it should have. In February of that year the band went to India for a three moth period to visit Maharishi. While he was there he got very romantic with Yoko Ono which lead to Cynthia divorcing him. John married Yoko and spent ten days in bed for peace as a honeymoon. The Beatles finally split up in May 1970, but perhaps it was for the better. Four men who have been with each other for eight years can get annoying. John and Yoko had a child named Sean. The Plastic Ono Band had also formed and started to record songs, so perhaps they needed a break from each other, that’s all they needed. After the Beatles split up, John immediately started to work with his wife Yoko on new music. John and The Plastic Ono Band had only one major success in their first five years of going solo. That album was “Imagine” which was a big sucess reaching number one and staying in the charts for 101 weeks. It was based on peace as it was peace that John and Yoko wanted. The next year they released a seasonal single “Happy XMas (War is Over)” which again was a big success and still is over the Christmas season. But he and Yoko split up in 1973, he was supposed to be taking an extended holiday in California with Yoko’s personal assistant May Pang. While he was there he released a new album “Mind Games” which did reasonable well. So when Elton John was doing a concert in New York, John said he would back him up. Yoko was at that concert and saw John play. After the show they met up and there was an instant reaction and they got back together. In 1975 John retired from the music business to spend more time with his growing up son. In Johns retirement he tried many different things, like cooking etc. but he still loved music so decided to start work on a new album in 1980. It would be called “Double Fantasy”. When the word got around the whole World started to go John Lennon crazy. Living in his home in New York things couldn’t be better. In November 17th 1980 the album was released and it stormed the charts everywhere. On December 8th 1980 John was signing autographs outside his home. He signed one mas album of a man who was called Mark Chapman. Later that day when John and Yoko were outside the Dakota building Mark Chapman pumped five bullets in John’s back. John hovered up five steps and then fell to the floor. With Yoko screaming John quickly was rushed to hospital, but it was too late John was Dead. Why did this happen to such a man all he wanted was peace. He got a Ten minute silence in which he deserved every minute of ! He devoted his his whole life to world peace and went through a lot. For a brief moment we really were a STEP CLOSER TO PEACE!