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Steve Wilde


Steve Wilde

BORN: June 23, 1968, Rochester Kent, England
6'2", 245 pounds
Seattle, WA

Titles & Awards
CRMW Tag Team Champions 1994 to 1995
Voted Most Hated Wrestler 1994-1995
Voted Best Tag Team 1994-1995
CAN-AM Tag Team Champions 1998
CAN-AM Trans American Champion 1998
Voted Most Hated Wrestler 1998
Canadian Wrestle-Media Voted Steve Wrestler of the Year 1998
CAN-AM Heavyweight Champion May 4, 1999 to Nov 16, 2001.

Steve Started out in the big world of Pro wrestling in 1986 breaking in with small promotions around Western Canada. After his first pro match with Lethal Larry Cameron ( Stampede Wrestling ), he made his way out to WFWA Winnipeg for a 3 year stint capturing tittle after title fighting people like Chi Chi Cruz, Buffalo Bill Cody, Bob Brown, the Canadian Giant and all types of big names. Steve then made his way back to Calgary and worked for the local promoters wrestling named wrestlers from Japan and all over the world. In 1992 Steve was contracted by a large wrestling promotion in California and wrestled there were he became the Trans American Champion while wrestling in the U.S. and all over Canada, Japan and Europe. In 1996 Steve did a brief but very uplifting stint with the WWF in Canada gaining recognition from fans and promoters all over North America. In 1997 Steve was contracted to Can-Am Wrestling Federation based in Calgary . Right now Steve Wilde looks forward to his future international tours to Malaysia, Singapore and Borneo and Japan.