Dead Dreams

Hey, are you out there? Can you hear my song to you?
Listen to me! `cos this is your chances!

Come back here again! You will Find mercy again!

Do you remember your life as a human? Do you remember your fiction dreams?
Can you remember all that is wrong? Are you insane, or in dope?
Have you ever seen a dead man walk? have you ever seen a whore that talks?
Can you feel this lifeless love? can you feel all that is wrong?
`cos this are the days we all enjoy!

Come back here again! You will Find mercy again!

Price Of Pain

Voices, from the ones above us. From the rats and the demons, from wise to dumb.
And we all cry, cry for what we have lost.
Just because of time, and so we die!

The paradise is lost!
All is gone to hell!
Happy days are over!
Will they come again

This is the price we have to pay!
Confusion blinds the eyes of pain!

The Vision

Childhood Memories. A never ending scenery
Son of a witch. Is it a fantasy?

Almost rotten and dead. The eye that never sees.
A meaningful journey, finally to the land of the free!
See no evil, my mind had to escape.
Forbidden tales of valleys and lakes.
Try to forget, the pain is yours to keep!

A dead poets story! Never heard before.
Sleep tight children. Don`t you think you`re gonna fall?

Begging me for a new life! Your insides turn raw!
Forgotten words at the end of the hall!

A new circle has begun! A storm of clouds covers the moon!
The man of mystery watches! Doomed to be alone!
He found the truth!!!