In 1995 a band called Engrave was born. The music was death metal,and the line-up was Runar, Jostein, Svein and Geir! While Engrave was about to split up, Runar had some ideas for a new band. He showedJostein his ideas, he liked them, and then Byzantium wasborn in early 1996! After a while, Svein joined the band! In the spring, Byzantium did their first demo on a 4-track porta studio! Andwith some help from Atle, Byzantium recorded some more songs in the autumn of`96. Shortly after they gave out their first demo . The response was various.Thenall the members began on different schools, and moved apart from each other.We all started new bands. Jostein, Svein, Geir and Atle started Source Of Tide. Runar got Forbidden Pleasures together. But Runar never stoppedwriting songs for Byzantium, and now a new Byzantium demo is ready, as a one man band. The songs are programmed on a computer and then I recorded vocals and guitars (on the computer).