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Hi everyone! It's been awhile, but my page has finally
been updated again! So anyway, my name is Jenna,
I'm 17, and from the small town of Geneva...
I play softball and we have won state the past 3 yrs...
ANYHOO...if you want to know anything else just
ask...I love to !! So take note..
My AOL IM name is Jenna MH02
and on PALTALK I'm tropicana14...*Later

Sign!! GUESTBOOK View!!

Lex--Lexy, do I even begin? You have
been the greatest friend, and we have made some
awesome memories...especially going to see the magnificent
one below *lol*...Too bad I got in trouble...
but hey, we had fun. Thanks
for always listening to me, and putting up with
the gloomy days...*sigh* So much
drama...Will our lives EVER be completely
cool? lol...I love you girl! You are the best!! :)

*FSU GUY*--Oh my goodness! Do you REALLY have to always
take my breath away? lol...Seriously,
you are greatest and I cannot wait until
February...Everything will be great, I promise..
Anyway, I had so much fun visiting you
in Tally...even if techno-man snores really
loud! lol...That was pretty funny, though...
But, you just keep on smiling...Things are getting
brighter, and I'm so happy for you...
MUUUAH! I love you and can't wait for you to come home...

str8-ballin--Kyle, Kyle, Kyle! are so
crazy! Anyway, I have to add you to my list
b/c we have been really good friends this year...
thanks for making me feel better about all my guys! =)

Troy--Hey darlin'! I can't wait till I get to see you again...
You are such a good friend to me, and I
will never get over how much fun we had together in D.C...
wasn't the metro so much fun? haha...Anyway, you take care and
keep in touch with me b/c you know I am a little
cutie..haha..j/k but really, wait for the crossing signal
before you dart out in the street, Mr. Speilberg.

SHOTIME202--Hey Sexy! You KNOW that you are gonna make
my list! I'm so glad that I've gotten to know you on
here...and in are a great guy!
Anyway, good luck in baseball this year.You know you are awesome!
And TRY to stay outta trouble when you start COLLEGE!

Derek--Man! I can't believe that you are in Troy
and I'm still in Geneva! haha..I can't wait until I'm
up there next year...I know it will be CrAzY!
Of course, I will be up there to visit you some
this year...=)

Tyler--Hey Ty...I know things didn't quite turn out the way they
were expected to, but all in all I think we are still close.
Anyway, I'll never forget any of our memories from Fuge...
They are the greatest, and so are you...

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