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This is a collection of chat short hand, so that you know what all those kewl ppl are saying in chat. Who knows, if you study these short cuts and use them wisely, you too may become kewl (or a complete and uttter dag ... come to think of it, maybe it's better if you avoid using these all together)

Chat Short Hand

(always write actions between two stars, eg. *weg*, except for smileys)

> = designates who a message is being sent to
(^: = smiley with a nose
;0) = winking smiley with a nose
:) = smiley
:)) = extra wide grinning smiley
:( = frowny
:0p @ = poking tongue out at
<3 ya = have a three way chat
121 = one to one
a/s = age and sex
adfsadfsa = I don't know yet, if you do - email me
afaik = as far as I know
b/c = because
bas = big ass smile
bbl = be back later
bg = bubble gum
blsxxjpkotlwalotagb = big long extra extra juicy passionate kiss on the lips with a lot of tongue and gummy bear
b4 = before
bbs = be back soon
brb = be right back
brick = term used to indicate someone who drops into a chat room and immediately says something along the lines of "anyone sexy wanna chat?". A "brick" drops into a room like a lump, and generally does nothing but take up room space
brt = be right there
btw = by the way
bwk = big wet kiss
C ya = see you
cmshmskaswltsdmfratflmaonpimp = clutching my sides howling, mewling, screeching, kicking and screaming with laughter, tears streaming down my face rolling around the floor laughing my ass off nearly pissing in my pants
cul = see you later
newddswl = drops dead shrieking with laughter
dl = down load
efg = evil @#$%&*! grin
f = frown
f2f = face to face
faq = frequently asked questions
focwlms = falls off chair while laughing myself silly
ftp = file transfer protocol (for loading images and other files onto web pages)
g = grin
gblpkotl = great big long passionate kiss on the lips
newggl = is giggle
hh = huge hugs, holding hands
hp = home page
htba = happy to be alive
html = hypertext markup language (codes for changing styles on the internet, eg. fonts)
icq = I seek you (instant messaging service)
imho = in my humble opinion
ip # = server number
irc = internet relay chat
irl = in real life
isp = internet service provider
jk, j/k = joke
joat = jack of all trades
k = OK?
kewl = cool
kotc = kiss on the cheek
kotn = kiss on the neck
l = laugh
l8r = later
ldpklwlt = long deep passionate kiss on lips with lots of tongue
ldpklyl = long deep passionate kiss licking your lips
lmao = laugh my ass off
lmaowm = laugh my ass off wetting myself
lmnasfmoo = laughing my new ann summers french maids outfit off
lmfto = laugh my @#$%&*! tits off
lmpao = laughing my pert ass off!
lmpaorotflidp = laughing my pert ass off rolling on the floor lying in dog poo
loabosawwhcblh = looks over at bride of suicide and wonders why he can't be like her
locao = laugh our collective asses off
lol = laugh out loud
lmbho = laughing my baldy head off
lmrpo = laughing my ring piece off
lpk = long passionate kiss
lsdpk = long slow deep passionate kiss
newlshmsh = laugh so hard my stomach hurts
lshtifotfaicgu = laughing so hard that I fell on the floor and I cant get up
m/f = male or female?
'min = I'm in
ne1 = anyone
np = no problem
nynbiyebyt = nibble your neck blow in your ear biting your tongue
oap = old age pensioner
ooc = out of character
otoh = on the other hand
Oz = Australia
pimp = pissing in my pants
pm = private message
pota = pinch on the ass
pots = plain old telephone system
ppl, peeps = people
puter = computer
qt = cutie
ratflmiao = rolling around the floor laughing my insane ass off
reg = regular (as in chats here a lot)
repost = repeat message
rotfl = roll on the floor laughing
rotflmaopimptsdfcwl = rolling on the floor laughing my ass off pissing in my pants tears streaming down face convulsing with laughter
rotflmaopmpttcmb = rolling on the floor laughing my ass off pissing my pants trying to control my breathing
newrotfcd = rolling on the floor collecting dust
rpg = role playing games
rtfm = read the @#$%&*! manual
ru = are you?
s = smiles
sos = same old @#$%
newsota = slap on the ass
stfu = shut the @#$% up
newsumhfo = smile until my head falls off
= trade mark
tefl = teach English for laughs!
teotwawki = the end of the world as we know it
tja = I don't know this one yet either, if you do - tla = three letter acronymn
newTPTB = the powers that be
email me
ttytt = to tell you the truth
ubi = useless bit of information
vbakotl = very big ass kiss on the lips
vweg = very wicked evil grin
w = winks
wtf = what the @#$%
W A H E Y, WoooooHoooooooo = chatter's greeting, exclamation of joy
w/b = welcome back
w/b/a = welcome back again
wb = write back
weg = wicked evil grin
wmf = wiggling my finger
wysiwyg = what you see is what you get
y = why?

Now you're "down with the lingo", you might want to try it out. I recommend the Halloween Party as the best place to strut your new stuff