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Colorado Victims

My Dear Friends
I have received so much E-mail with wonderful
sites,prayers,pictures and so on that
I decided to add them all here
so that everyone can see them.
The graphic below was also sent to me and asked to
pass it along to all of you that
would like to add it to your sites.
So please fell free to take it.

Michelle Reames

In so great a loss....
May we all take time
to be silent and pray.

A Prayer....

So many lives, For reasons unknown
Have ended with tragedy.
The Student, The Athlete...
The Thinker, The Do-er
In a day unklike another
In a place where knowledge is held
Where friends are kept
Where people seem safe
Not one but many lives were taken,
Dreams were shattered
Hopes were lost...
And safety unwound
A world of Prayers are held for the one,
For the many
For the families
For ye who is touched by the disaster
I, as a single holder of prayer,
Can do but little except pray.
Can look to god for the safety of the others
and give my condolences.
Let it be known of the lives that were taken
Young students, young dreams.
Innocence on this day has been shattered.
And because of this I write
Let all who read this take a moment,
To think, To stop and pray
For the many families...
For those who witnessed the unthinkable...
And for those who can no longer
live for what they dreamed of....
Our hearts go out to
those families and young men and women
Cursed by this plague of violence...
I, as an individual,
send my heart out to those students.
And hope that many others can do the same.

Derek Cromwell,
A Michigan Resident in Prayer

In Memory of .......

Kelly Fleming, 16, an aspiring songwriter who wrote poetry, was learning to play the guitar.
Dan Rohrbough, 15, helped at his dad's firm. He was shot while helping students flee.
Lauren Townsend, 18, a senior honors student, was captain of the girls' varsity volleyball team.
John Tomlin, 16, went on a missionary trip to Mexico last year to build houses for the poor.
Isaiah Shoels, 18, was due to graduate in May. He wanted to attend an arts college.
Rachel Scott, 17, was active in drama, church. Her brother "played dead" and survived.
William (Dave) Sanders, 47, computer and business teacher. He coached girls' sports.
Matthew Kechter, 16, hoped to be a starter on the football team. He had an A average.
Daniel Mauser, 15, excelled in math and science and had recently earned all A's.
Cassie Bernall, 17, was active in church youth programs and had recently visited Britain.
Corey DePooter, 17, loved to golf, hunt and fish. He got a job to save for a boat.

Steven Curnow, 14, A "Star Wars" and soocer fan who dreamed of being a Navy pilot
(no picture online available)

Kyle Velasquez, 15
(No other information or picture available)

Let us Pray for recovery of those injured.

Swedish Medical Center (4 hospitalized -- all but Schnurr are under intensive care)

Valerie Schnurr, 18, fair condition; shrapnel wounds
Anna Marie Hochhalter, 17, critical condition; gunshot wound to chest

Sean Graves, 15, critical condition; shot in back; possible spinal injury
Richard Casaldo, 17, critical condition; shot in chest, arm and back
Denver Health Medical Center (4 hospitalized)

Lisa Kreutz, 18, multiple gunshot wounds to her body; doing well.
Mark Kingen, 17, serious but stable condition; multiple gunshot wounds to head and neck.
Female, 18, fair condition with multiple gunshot wounds to lower extremities.
Male, 16, critical but stable condition with gunshot wounds to his face, chest and legs; is breathing on a ventilator.
Lutheran Medical Center

Brian Anderson, 17, treated and released; superficial chest wounds received from gunshots.
Nicole Nowlen, 16, gunshot wounds to abdomen; fair condition.
Littleton Adventist Hospital

(10 treated total; 8 of whom have been released, including 1 taken via helicopter to St. Anthony Central; 2 remain hospitalized in good condition -- one male, one female; identities and other details not released)

St. Anthony Central Hospital (4 hospitalized).

Female, 17, serious condition, gunshot wounds.
Male, 15, critical condition, gunshot wounds.
Male, 16, stable condition, gunshot wounds; brought from Littleton Adventist via helicopter.
Male, 18, serious condition, gunshot wounds.
University Hospital (1 hospitalized)

Male, 16, serious but stable condition with gunshot wounds to chest and leg.

Lights for Littleton

I ask each of you to light up the world for Littleton.
Drive with your headlights on.
Leave a porch light burning bright all night.
Light a candle.
Together we can show support for the community of Littleton.
Let's Light the way to peace.

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