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Press Confrence

This interview was taken from Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Interview Special. The interview was originally conducted in 1981.

Andre the Giant is a big man in every sense of the word. Not only in size, but in kindness, strength, and intelligence. All across the globe, the name of Andre stands side-by-side with principles of integrity. Fans flock to his side. And Andre never refuses a fans request. This great man has fallen victim to a painful syndrome: never winning a major championship. In the following interview, conducted by Associate Editors Gary Morgenstein, Stu Saks, and Steven Farhood, Andre discusses his career.

Andre:I would like to thank you writers for having me on "Press Confrence."
Gary:You're quite welcome, Andre. As someone who wrestles all across the nation, you're uniquely qualified to give a perspective on each area. Let's start with your fellings on the AWA.
Andre:Well, I share the setiments of all wrestlers when I say how delighted I was to see Verne Gagne regain the title from that Nick Bockwinkle person. Verne is a true champion and a fine man. He will do much to restore the principles of fairness and deceny to the title. For anyone who has had to watch Bockwinkle disgrace the title all these years, Gagne's victory was quite heartwarming.
Stu:There is some talk Bockwinkle is ploting a sinisterplan to regain the title.
Andre:I wouldn't put it past him.
Steve:What would your reaction be, if any, should Bockwinkle seek to regain the title by treacherous means?
Andre:I would be available, as I always am, to help any friend if a devious man tries to trick him. But we must wait and see what Bockwinkle is planning.
Morgenstein:You have had your encounters with some of the more famous WWF rulebreakers, notably Capt. Lou Albano and his tag team champs, The Samoans.
Andre:Yes, well, I do not like Albano. He is a liar and a cheat. And I do not think his stragety is so good. He is a very overrated manager. What he does best is interfere, and I do not think he should recieve credit for braking the rules.
Saks:Is there any rulebreaker manger you respect?
Andre:No. How can you respect a cheat?
Farhood:How would you rate The Samoans?
Andre:As champions, they horrify me because they have no respect for the rules. But you must credit them for success. They came back after losing. They are very dangerous and very mean. But they will not be cahmps for long.
Morgenstein:A threat or a prediction?
Andre:I promise my fans a tag team which will destroy The Samoans.
Morgenstein:Is Andre included in that tag team?
Farhood:Let's talk about the NWA. In the past, you and NWA champion Harley Race have had your share of bitter wars. But always, Race deprives of victory.
Andre:Harley Race is a very underrated man. By this, I mean he has no end to the tricks and ways he can cheat a man out of a deserved victory. Many times as you say, I have won the title only to be robbed. Sometimes I think I will stop wrestling Race. Then I realize my obligation to my loyal fans and know I must continue going after Race no matter how painful the frustrations.
Farhood:Do you think your exstensive travels may deprive you of a title?
Andre:Long ago, I had to make a serious choice. Either I would stay in one area and concentrate exclusively on trying for the title in that region, or I would travel the world. To stay in one area is quite selfish. I felt I owed it to my fans to wrestle everywhere.
Saks:But you said you owed it to your fans to try and win a title?
Saks:Can you possibly do both?
Andre:I honestly don't know. It is a very difficult chore I set fo myself. I don't know.
Morgendtein:Are you pleased with the violent trends in professional wrestling?
Andre:No, no. Too many wrestlers take the easy way out. They forget you must work yourself into great shape and practice maneuvers. And they seem obsessed with winning at any cost. No, I would like to see more fair play in wrestling.
Farhood:What can Andre the Giant do to stop that trend?
Andre:Steve, I do not know. Sometimes I get very discouraged seeing all the violence areound me. All I can do is go about wrestling in my own way and hope to set an example in my own humble manner. More than that, short of declaring war on all rukebreakers, I do not know.
Morgenstein:Andre thank you.
Andre:Thank you, gentlemen.