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This page is dedicated to Hanson, so if you don't like Hanson... leave!! Thank you
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People ask me why I love Hanson so much. So, instead of asking... I'll tell you!! Hanson is a group of extremely talented young guys. No matter what anyone says, they play their own instruments and write and co-write all of their songs. They ARE talented!! Their songs are catchy, and they sing about things that us little people can relate to! They are gorgeous! Taylor is hot on piano. Isaac is smoking on guitar and Zac is fantastic on drums!!! Some people say that age has something to do with it! Well, maybe! The fact that they are famous and our age has something to do with why I love them so much! But I have a different reason. Hanson are my idols. My lifelong dream has always been to sing. I thought that I was too young, and that no one would take me seriously, then I saw Hanson and realised that that wasn't true! They are the best band ever and they truly are idolized by a lot of young people!
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This is Taylor Hanson. He's plays the keyboard and the bongos, He does most of the lead singing parts
This is Isaac Hanson. He plays guitar, and does some lead singing parts
This is Zac Hanson, or Prozac. He plays the drums, and sings some lead parts
I just want to say that a couple people signed my guestbook thinking that I'm Hanson... sorry!! I'm only a diehard fan. I don't know Hanson, and I'm not Hanson!!
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