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Al Hadika Al Khadra

Al Hadika Al Khadra

North Africas First Enviromental Park and Ecological Holiday Centre



Cromlech M'soura + The Litehouse

The Litehouse Crystal Dream Centre

The Summer of 2010 will see the opening of 'The Litehouse' an ambient space to relax and appreciate the Sacred vibrations emanating from the Stone Cirle of M'soura, to learn the legends, myths and facts surrounding the circle. Known locally as L'autid because of its 6m high entrance stone the village offers a warm wellcome to all interested visitors and accomodation can be arranged on site. For further info please contact:

or call 00 212 615 139 639

(special thanks to Richard Rabat for the photo)
IMPORTANT NOTICE: After the diabolical interventions brought on by the wonderful gathering held besides Paradise Beach known as "Rythms of Peace", future events in the beloved Land of the Sunset will be private and admission by invite only.Two months before details will appear on how to obtain your invites

We need help to make the Dream come true and spread the vibrations of PEACE and HEALING globally while we still have time.


on and AUM

Contact us.(see below) The Web Master of this site has just retreat once more into the hills to rcharge and build you can find me next to the stone circle mentioned above



Organized Safe and Secure Two + Three Day Trips to the Stone Circle of Cromlech M'soura, plus the Green Green Fields of North Morocco

Pick-ups from Tangiers (Morocco) or Tarifa (southern Spain)

- Transport to a small local village spectacularly situated in the stunning Rif mountains.

- Accomodation in a traditional farmhouse including:

-evening meal and breakfast, all made with locally grown organic food, and prepared in the local manner.

- entertainment by local Essoua musicians, from the Sufi School of Trance Dance, said by some to have originated with Jesus,,,,,,,,,

- visits to local market and village homes to see how life really is..... fresh bread from the ovens and water from the springs.....

- PLUS the BEST chance to sample ALL the local wares!!!!! And all in a safe, secure & comfortable environment!!!!!

Morocco: real name Al Maghreb - the Sunset.

Pick-up: Saturday Tarifa 11.00 a.m. or Tangiers 10.00 a.m. Drop-off: Sunday or Monday in Tangiers 3.00 p.m. or Tarifa 7.00 p.m.

( Non-European Community residents Depart Algerciras 7.30 a.m.or 8.30a.m.Saturday morning)(times subject to changewithout prior notice)


From Tarifa 199 euros per person

(includes ferry fare valid one year)

From Tangiers 150 euros per person

- Small Groups - Limited Availability (add 30euros for third day)

- Contact :

*Other tailor made trips available on request*

Al Hadika Al Khadra = Green Park

(nowt to do with hate only LOVE+PEACE)

Please note

Digby and all the Green Park and Planet Peace crew would like to wish you all a Merry Moment and a Happy New Day, each day and we will endeavour to make the following gatherings and





Tiuote, Taroudannt, December 2010

website details to come

Summer Solstice 2010

in the Sacred Stone Circle of Cromlech M,Zoura,

and check out this year at Ait Ben Haddou more info soon on that one!

Giving of Thanks to the Creator with music and dance, local and foreign musicians playing live music to celebrate LIFE


Trance End Dance 27,28,29 august 2012(dates to be confirmed)


CALL 00 212(0)75507968/00 212(0)15399626

Contact- -for info

Situated at the North Western tip of Africa,we are in the process of creating an Enviromental Park to promote proven Intermediate Technolgies and we need your help!

Our aim is to try and slow down the Enviromental destruction of the Third World, being caused by the influx of the waste materials no longer acceptable in the so-called First World.These materials are now being dumped onto the Third World by producers desperate to maintain their market in toxic goods.

We hope by education and demonstration to raise the local awareness of the issues involved. Set in the outstandingly beautiful area of Cap Spartel,about 11km. outside of the Magical and Mysterious city of Tangiers, Morocco.We will be providing the folowing facilities:

A Recreation area for children, including Paddling Pools, Swings, Slides e.t.c.

A Camping area with some chalet accomadation,

A Picnic area and Gardens,

Exhibition Domes housing various types of new Intermediate Technologies.

All buildings, apart from the Toilet and Shower Blocks, will be First Phase Geodesic Domes and constructed from natural materials. Known for their healing properties and restorative powers,these beautiful structures will offer our clients the chance to rediscver the harmony of living as One with the Nature.

Set in 700 acres of parkland we will also be offering our clients the opportunities to go Rambling, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Trekking on either Horse, Donkey, Mule, or...Camel!

We are within easy reach of long Golden Beaches,and Excursions further afield in Morocco are also on offer.

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The food will be of the highest quality,fresh fruit and vegetables coming from our own organic gardens or from local organic growers.

The cooking will be done in the main on the highly effective S.K.14 Solar Parabolic Cooker, and the use of Intermediate Technologies having as little impact on the Enviroment as possible will be our prime concern.All the Parks energy needs will be provided by Renewable Sources.

We have had more than 35 years of experience in Morocco and can assure you of an Experience unlike any other!

We will be organising Trance Dance Seminars hosted by the Gnawa and Essouia Sufi musicians of Morocco.

We are at present still awaiting the ratification from the Moroccan Government which we hope will be shortly forthcoming and hope to be able to offer small groups of no more than 10 people at a time the chance to contribute to the completion of a project we feel to be totally beneficial to all concerned.

On site facilities at the commencement will be limited, but it is hoped with YOUR help to have the Project completed by May 2011,

Further information can be obtained by contacting us on the E-mail address:

We will be frequently be upgrading this site as I figure otu how to work this it should get more interesting so

stay in touch!

Al Hadika Al Khadra is Arabic for Green Park


We will be offering totally GREEN holidays from May 2010, with, excursions and exciting adventures on offer, including Trance Dancing with the Gnawa, and Essouia Sufi musicians of Morocco. More to come later, Full details will be on-line shortly,

stay tuned!

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Green Leaves

  • Sand Filter
  • Clockwork and Solar radio
  • Dynamo Torch
  • Wonderwash Eco-Washing machine
  • Hydraulic Ram
  • Compost Toilet
  • Solar Cooker
  • Ice Quick
  • Haybox Cooker
  • Reed Bed
  • Canadian Well
  • Waste Management