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Returned Mail

Here is a list of the people who we sent Reunion Notices to, but then they were returned to us. If you know where any of these people can currently be reached, please send Leslie Strunk an e-mail with the information. Thank you so much for your help in organizing our reunion! Also, be sure to check back every once in a while because the list might grow (but let's just hope it doesn't!)

FOE=Forwarding Order Expired
UAA=Undeliverable As Addressed
ANK=Attempted, Not Known
NSS=No Such Street
NSN=No Such Number
Name Reason For Return
Chris Creamer UAA
Diane Kirkpatrick ANK
Angela Colmes Hudson UAA
David Deitmyer FOE
Lisa Conti Shannon ANK
Karen Curtis Bille FOE
Tim Seals ANK
Lynn Brudzinski O'Shea ANK
Larry Govsky FOE
John Schiavone UAA
Argo Fragoyannis Campbell FOE
Brenda Fetterly Dearborn APO Closed
Gary O'Brien NSN
John Moran FOE
Malvin Lincoln Insufficient Address
Patrick Anderson FOE
Mary Lewis Whitaker UAA
Mike Schallon ANK
Anthony Smith NSN
Nadine Thompson ANK
Jim Fourcade FOE
Janine Olson Hebb UAA
Sammie Blair Jr. UAA
Gerald Whittaker FOE
Patty Simmons Monroe UAA
Tom Rapalus FOE
Donald Tetlow UAA
Bill Harper FOE
Danny Sparacino UAA
Rick Michael FOE
Lida Yater UAA
Albert Marotta FOE
Stanley Thoenen UAA
David May FOE
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