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Here are the recent News & Rumours, circulating the WPCW:

  • Look for Shane Matthews and Michael Robinson, to become full tag team partners. We are hearing that their team name is called, "The Wrecking Crew".

  • Rumours have it, taht Eric Rivers' contract with the WPCW ends at March 25th. Rumours have it, that he's been talking with different organizations lately. Will he be leaving the WPCW?, or will re-sign? This is still a rumour. But, as soon as more details arrive, we will give it to you.

  • Metal Melatia suffered a very dangerous injury, that might cost him his career. Reports have it, that Metal Melatia kinda hurt his Spinal Cord area. Our hopes and prayers are with him.

  • Look for Insane Klown, to get a new attitude, and he will become known by the fans preety soon.

  • Rumours have it, that the WPCW is trying to make a match between Renick and Cheeseman for the Febuary ppv.

  • Look for two new superstars, who Paul Brown signed this past weekend, to start wrestling by next week. We are hearing that the two wrestlers were signed this past week, and Brown says they will be a another great wrestlers to add to the roster.

  • Rumours are having it, that Jamie Love threw a temeper tamtrum at the WPCW Headquaters last week. Reports have it, that he is sick and tired of beign mistreated in the WPCW. Don't be surprised if you see Love with a title soon.

  • On a House Show in Orgegon, Rob Hart and Shane had a real fist fight back at the lockerooms. This was nothing fake. Both men fought each other for a whole twenty minutes, before officials broke it up. Don't expect to see Rob and Shane fight each other for a while. These two can't stand each other.

  • Rumours have it that the WPCW will be divided into two. Not much on this rumour, but more will come, as soon as we get it.

  • Look for the WPCW, to be have a show called Outside the Ropes in the near future