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Could there be trouble in the X? Or in the Wrecking Crew? Well, lately, rumours of the X not really cooperating, has really got big. Reports have it, that the X members, are not getting along back in the lockerooms. That might explain why the tag match between Guru/Killdog vs The Kidd Foundation didn't take place last Monday. As we are hearing it, Robert Hearsch (Co-Leader of the X) and Whiplash, are not getting along. Reports have it that on a recent house show in Baltimore, Maryland, Whiplash and Robert Hearsch were close to getting in a fist fight. But, was quickly stopped by WPCW officials. Also, we are hearing that Wolverine, is fed up with Guru and Killdog. Rumours say he was close to walking out of the X, if Whiplash didn't ensure him to stay. Is this the doom of the X? Are the X going to collaspe anytime soon? Only time will tell.

Next on the list, is The Wrecking Crew. Are the Wrecking Crew in trouble?...I mean, the WC only has two members now. One month ago, the WC was the most dominant force. As we are hearing it, Shane Matthews and Rob Hart haven't said a word to each other since his one month absence on December. As we all saw, Shane came last Monday, and totaly shocked everyone in that arena. Is the Wrecking Crew dying also? Will Shane announce the death of the WC?...Onece again, only time will tell.

Then, the last one for today...The Ultimate Weapons. Are the collasping?...I mean, you might saying, "How could they collaspe when they have Nat Richards, Robinson, and MacMurchy? One word, "EGOS". The ego is too big for all three guys to be on one team. I mean, Richards and Robinson were big enough to fit into three Castles. Then, to talk about MacMurchy. I am just waiting to see just how this three will work together. Can the UW be coming to an end? We just got to wait and see.

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