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Shane MacMurchy

Wrestler's Name: Shane MacMurchy

Height: 6'2

Weight: 267 pounds

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Gimmick: Egotistical, pisses everyone off, loves doing it... like in the AWA

Style: All-arounder

Describe everything about your wrestler: Umm... MacMurchy is egotistical, thinks he is the best, tells this to everyone, he is a heel, could care less about the fans, belives he is the greatest and therefore should get everything he wants.... Physical Desc : Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, slim, and he wears full lenght, blue and white tights to ring side... Has wrestled pro for over 1 year now, has won the AWA World and IC Titles, along with the ICWF World and US Titles, before that was an amature wrestler, but found the sport boring... used to be a major face...

Entrance Music: "Cryptorchild" Marilyn Manson

Finisher's Name: Mac-Attack

Finisher's Description: Belly-to-belly Superplex

Additional Info: None :)