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Wrestler's Name: Insanity

Height: 7'2

Weight: 320

Hometown: unkown

Gimmick: What does that mean

Style: big man with power who can move

Describe everything about your wrestler: This person was just a talented recruit. He brought his manager with him he never ever has someone help him on purpose! He has a mask that says insanity with letters that look like spray paint on it.

Entrance Music: Smells like teen spirit

Manager: snit

Give decription of how his manager is like: He is about 5'5 and 175 he is a martial arts expert so he never allows anyone to interfere in insanity's matches. He also has a mask with snit spraypainted on. He is a person who doesn't say anything and when he does it doesn't make much sense but boy don't start with this guy.

Finisher's Name: Institution

Finisher's Description: He brings the guy to the top with him and gives him a choke slam off the top rope.