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Robert Hearsch

Wrestler's Name: Robert Hearsch

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 227 pounds

Hometown: LA,CA

Gimmick: Is a great wrestler and is gonna get into alot of fewds. He doesnt care whether the fans are with him or without him. Is going after the World Title

Style: Technical/High Flyer

Describe everything about your wrestler: Has Dirty Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes and has A good build like a shawn Michaels or a Chris Jericho. He gets all the women and is probably the sexiest man in wrestling. He wears solid Black Tights and it Says "Hearsch on the both of his legs".

Entrance Music: Same In the End/ Sublime

Manager: none

Give decription of how his manager is like:

Finisher's Name: Boston Crab

Finisher's Description: It is a Submission move where he puts his opponents legs under his arm pits and twists them over and there on there stomach and sits down and pulls back on there legs. Is the same as the Lion Tamer submission