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Rob "The Rock" Hart

-Your Name: Mike Vloet

-Email Address:

-Wrestler's Name: Rob "The Rock" Hart

-Height: 6'5"

-Weight: 240lbs

-Hometown: Sherwood, PEI, Canada

-Gimmick: Tough SOB, part of the Wrecking Crew.

-Style: Power,Technical

-Describe everything about your wrestler: Black hair, cutoff jeans and sleeveless shirts black and white, loves Canadians hates the Americans, very strong and smart, takes crap from no one, rarely gives up or turns down a match.

-Entrance Music: "Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie

-Manager: none

-Give decription of how his manager is like: none

-Finisher's Name: 1.Narayan and 2.Misery Machine

-Finisher's Description:

1.Same as The Canadian Crush, a verticle suplex into a piledriver 2.The Texas Clover Leaf

-Tag Team Name(optional): none

-Tag Team Partner(optional): none

-Team Finisher(optional): none

-Team Finisher's Description(optional): none