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The Adams Report...


Well I am here today with my first edition of the "Adams Report". Onto my first business I recently read the column of The Lewis Report and he was right on a few things but you know what really made me mad he said Vindicator is the hardest worker of the month. VINDICATOR IS THE HARDEST WORKING LOSER OF THE MONTH! We all know that the hardest worker of the month was Johnathan Hammer! That guy defends the Unified title on a weekly basis and wins! That guy is the hardest worker of the damn month!

Onto the cruiserweight tournament at Kickoff 98 for the new Cruiserweight title. This has to be the best idea that WPCW has had in a while. I mean the cruiserweight title is the entertainers title! There is no action that is more intense then cruiserweight action! And right now Im looking at some of the wrestlers probably gonna be in the tournament. Jamie Love, Mr. Excellent maybe.. I think he is in the weight class. But right now the heavy favorite is Pyro. "Why you say?". Because he has been on the hottest roll in the WPCW. I didnt put Mr. Excellent as the Heavy Favorite because we dont know if he is in the tournament or not.

Another wrestler I have heard of coming into the cruiserweight tournament and has just signed a contract with the WPCW is a wrestler by the name of Mark Shaw. I have seen this guy practicing on some of the trainies in the WPCW Training Center and this guy can wrestle. He has great Mat Wrestling skill I havent seen since Dean Malenko. I have also heard that he is The "US champion" Robert Hearsch's cousin, Maybe Shaw is "X" also but I have heard that Shaw is into tradition so that is unlikely. This guy has come to WPCW for the Cruiserweight gold but to do that Im pretty sure he will have to get by Pyro. So right now the heavy favorite is Pyro, I might change my mind once I see Shaw wrestle. But that is mostly unlikely.

Now I have heard of a Cruiserweight coming out of "X" I don't have information on the name as of yet. But Im sure we will be hearing from him very soon. This new Cruiserweight division will bring great action to the rings of WPCW and I cant wait to see it happen.

In the WPCW we have a new wanna-be Big Boss Man by the name of Kodiac Cop. I meen come on this guy cannot wrestle anyone in "X" or the Wrecking Crew could beat him! I say Eric Rivers made a mistake by bringing a Cop-Wrestler to the WPCW. And why would "X" pay Kodiac cop to protect them! they dont need protection.. these guys can kick anyones butt anytime. And what does Kodiac Cop think he can do to them! Hurt them!? Yeah right... Sure.. When Hell freezes over.

Now onto Kickoff 98 the Robert Hearsch against Nat Richards match. That alone I would pay 400 $ to see. Imagine how great this match is gonna be! Robert Hearsch maybe the greatest Technician Today against Nat Richards maybe the greatest Fan Favorite of all time. I really dont know who is gonna win because Nat Richards is desperate for the US title but Hearsch has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. I cant wait to see it!

Were also gonna see the Unified Title match between Johnathan Hammer against Rob "the Rock" Hart. That looks to be like a good match but we know that Hammer is gonna control the whole match and Hammer is my choice to retain the Unified Title against Rob "The Rock" Fart.

Last but not least the long awaited re-match between Metal Melatia against Whiplash. I know it hasnt been signed yet but we all know that it is gonna happen. The hype for this match is to big. And look for Whiplash to win with the Help of some of his "X" Buddies. Because I dont think that the Apocalypse Melatia is not strong enough to go toe to toe with X!

That is all for this edition of the Adams report and as George Muldoon would say! "Im in da House! and I've got to goes back homes to the wifes before she's slaps me up!"